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Buccino Leadership Institute
Gerald Buccino and Provost Karen Boroff

Our History

Under the leadership of Michael Reuter for many years, this perennially award-winning program – ranked the #1 leadership development certificate program in the nation four years in a row – was highly successful in developing extraordinary leaders with vision and purpose.

In 2017, the decision was made to expand the leadership initiative to a University-wide program. In this innovative, interdisciplinary approach to leadership development, students participate in experiential learning with fellow leadership students within their school or college and with students from across the University. LTC (retired) Bryan Price, Ph.D., served as the University-wide Buccino Leadership Institute’s inaugural executive director. 

A distinguished group of leaders across the University, with support from the University, created a new strategic plan for the Institute in 2022. As a result, the Institute has a new home in Schwartz Hall and expanded its leadership team in 2023 to provide additional resources and opportunity to its students.