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Buccino Leadership Institute
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We're looking for individuals who have a demonstrated interest and aptitude in being leaders and who are passionate about learning what it takes to excel. We accept students invested in becoming top performers who are ready to make an impact on the world.

After being admitted to Seton Hall University, only a select group of students will be admitted to the Buccino Leadership Institute. If you have not yet submitted an application for admission to the University, learn more and start your application by visiting our Applying page.

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Leadership Institute

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The Buccino Leadership Institute is like no other leadership program in the country.

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We invest in individuals who aren’t just great themselves, but who inspire greatness in others.

Students who meet the selection criteria for the Leadership Institute will receive an email inviting them to apply to the program. Application requirements and selection criteria are determined by the Associate Director within each school and college, with input from the Executive Director.

All students who complete the four-year, non-credit-bearing program will receive a certificate in leadership that will be recognized at graduation and will appear on their official transcript.