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Seton Hall University

Andrew Simon, Ph.D. Psy.D.

Department of Psychology

As a social/organizational psychologist, I study how people behave in work settings. To do this, I travel to and immerse myself in the environment of those I'm studying. My research projects have involved a variety of different organizations, including those in government, business, education, and the non-profit sector. Some projects have involved small, local organizations, such as a Manhattan-based agency committed to improving social justice. Other projects have included national and international organizations, such as a Ugandan NGO that provides healthcare and education to women and children. When studying an organization, I focus on the actions of leaders and the ways people behave in groups. My goals are to contribute to the general understanding of organizational behavior and to share my findings with those I'm studying so they may benefit from the insights acquired during the research process.

I maintain a second line of inquiry in sports psychology. Here, my primary focus is on psychological skill-building. I study the various ways competitive athletes deal with anxiety and engage in goal-setting to improve performance. I have advised athletes across a range of sports, including those on Seton Hall University teams. My research extends to non-competitive athletes as well. Among those seeking fitness for health and well-being, I am interested in the reasons people find it challenging to start and maintain an exercise program.

Within the Psychology Department, my primary teaching responsibilities include Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Sports Psychology. Additionally, I teach Journey of Transformation as part of the University Core.