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Seton Hall University

Reclassification Instructions

The Process

The Reclassification Committee meets on a quarterly basis to determine whether there has been significant change to Local 153 positions which affects the level of difficulty and scope of work required. The Committee is composed of two administrative representatives and two Local 153 representatives. The Committee determines whether changes to a position are substantive enough to warrant a grade increase or a decrease. Employees may not request a reclassification due to utilization of new technology and/or additional work volume.

All reclassification submissions must be received and accepted by Human Resources by one week prior to the scheduled meeting date or they will not be reviewed until the following quarter’s meeting (see scheduled meeting dates and submission deadlines). Results are emailed to employees and to supervisors within one week of each meeting. If a position is upgraded as a result of a reclass request, the effective date of the upgrade will be the first day of the month following accepted submission (i.e.: submission received and accepted by HR March 2, upgrade effective April 1).

Please remember that a change in a position’s responsibilities will not necessarily result in an upgrade. Positions are valued based on responsibilities and requirements. Each salary grade accommodates a variety of skill levels, knowledge requirements and responsibilities. Thus, while the type of work and responsibilities of a position may have changed, the position may remain in the same grade after the Reclassification Committee’s review.


  • If necessary, request a copy of the Job Description form for your position from the Department of Human Resources (may be available in electronic form).
  • In conjunction with your supervisor, consider your position’s basic duties, responsibilities and requirements and revise the Job Description form as appropriate. Remember, this is an evaluation of the position, not an assessment of your background, experience and/or performance in the position.
  • Consider routine assignments and usual responsibilities over the course of a complete year. Do not record duties performed during unusual circumstances, absences or short, one time assignments. Accuracy in describing your responsibilities is critical to this process.

Some questions may ask you to select a single answer to a question where more than one answer may seem applicable. In such cases, choose the one best answer to the question. Complete all fields labeled “examples required.” Do NOT change the wording for any of the fields or responses.  Additional comments are welcome on the last page of the form.

When you have finished revising the Job Description form, complete the Request for Reclassification Cover Sheet. Be as thorough as possible in answering the Cover Sheet questions. Both forms must be signed by the employee, immediate supervisor, department head and dean. When applicable, the area vice president’s signature is optional.

Attach a current organizational chart for your position. To view and print the University organizational chart, log into PirateNet and click on Office and Services. From the box titled, Human Resources in the center of the page, click on SHU Organizational Chart. Find your position in the organizational chart and print a copy of your immediate reporting relationship.

All forms must be typed for consideration.


  • Carefully review the completed Job Description form, Request for Reclassification Cover Sheet and organizational chart for accuracy and completeness.
  • Discuss and resolve any questions and uncertainties with the employee before signing and submitting either form


Employees and supervisors may request to appeal the Reclassification Committee’s decision by submitting a written request to Human Resources by no later than ten business days after the initial decision notification.

Appeals must be signed by the employee, supervisor, and dean or vice president. Appeals must point out specific information contained in the reclassification request to support the appeal. Information not contained in the employee’s initial reclassification request may not be presented. Please remember that reclass submissions and appeals should state the ways in which a position has changed and should not reference an incumbent’s performance. Again, a change in a position’s responsibilities will not necessarily result in an upgrade. Positions are valued based on responsibilities and requirements.

Appeals will be reviewed by an independent board within thirty days of the appeal deadline. If necessary, you may be required to appear in person. Employees and supervisors will be notified of the results within one week of the meeting. All decisions made by the appeals board are final. Employees must wait at least one year before submitting another request for reclassification.

For assistance with reclass forms or questions about the reclass process, please contact  [email protected] , (Phone) 973-275-2052.