College of Human Development, Culture, and Media
Students with a professor in a design class.

About the College

Established in 2023, the College of Human Development, Culture, and Media reframes education and communication as engines of innovation along the continuum of human development. Expression underpins all facets of the new College’s portfolio – media as a form of education and artistic expression; teaching and learning as modes of creative expression; and self-expression as a vehicle of social agency.

Through the direction of exceptional faculty and dynamic, cross-disciplinary curricula, the College seeks to improve the human condition by collaborating across distinct fields that uniquely complement one another. Communication and education power the shared work of solving complex problems facing people and society – new knowledge that moves us all forward. Learn more about our history »

Many of the biggest challenges our society faces relate to the intersection of education and communication.  These challenges can’t be solved in silos.  They require innovative approaches that capitalize on the synergies of art, design, communication, instruction and media residing in various systems ranging from law enforcement to educators to counseling to leadership that respond to important societal questions fueled by human experiences and inequities.

Our collaborative ethos is the hallmark of a Seton Hall education: an interdisciplinary approach to learning that grounds students firmly in their chosen discipline while expanding their perspectives through collaboration — setting them apart in their ability to lead in a variety of fields and solve pressing problems in society. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the name College of Human Development, Culture, and Media selected?

The new name speaks to the guiding principles laid out in the strategic plan which calls Seton Hall to promote human flourishing in all of its beauty, richness and depth. The College of Human Development, Culture, and Media expresses those principles by preparing students who will educate, create, communicate and increase human wellbeing in vital ways.

Why did the colleges of Communication and the Arts and Education and Human Services combine?

To prepare for a successful future and in alignment with the University’s Harvest Our Treasures strategic plan, the integration of the two colleges was part of the approved Seeds of Innovation restructuring plan.

The new College of Human Development, Culture, and Media will provide strong disciplinary preparation and explore new areas to prepare students to excel in the fields of education, human services, communication and the arts, and more. The College will be the singular place for purpose-built interdisciplinary learning focused on innovation along the continuum of human development.