College of Human Development, Culture, and Media
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Academic Departments

Communication, Media and the Arts

Across a diverse range of academic programs, the Department of Communication, Media and the Arts fosters academic interdisciplinarity, and its engaging curriculum primes students to immediately launch careers or to pursue advanced degrees. Students are prepared to practice in a multi-media world, thanks to their experience with cutting-edge tools and unparalleled, studio-based learning opportunities. Graduates attain an expert’s facility with the complexity of sharing messages across all media to create shared meaning and understanding among diverse groups.  Learn more »

Educational Studies

Renowned for its exemplary programs, knowledgeable and supportive faculty, multiple field placements, and opportunities for observation and teaching in a variety of settings, the Department of Educational Studies provides undergraduate teacher preparation programs in early childhood, elementary education, and special education as well as secondary education.  Related graduate offerings include initial teaching certification, professional development, instructional technology, and media specialist. Learn more »

Education Leadership, Management & Policy

Dedicated to serving and developing aspiring and current leaders, the Department of Education Leadership, Management and Policy prepares them to confront the extraordinary pressures on educators and the need to overcome sociological dynamics to help all students learn. Learn more »

Professional Psychology & Family Therapy

With specialties including school psychology, professional counseling, mind/body/spirituality, applied behavior analysis, and sports psychology, the faculty of the Department of Professional Psychology and Family Therapy promote scientific research in a professional and ethical manner and provide a variety of educational and counseling specialties via nationally-recognized, accredited graduate programs. Learn more »