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Teaching ESL Students

Teaching, Learning and Researching in an ESL Context
Cindy L Gunn
Main Collection PE1128. A2 G86 2003
Contents: The Teacher-Researcher Debate - Communicative Competence - Second Language Teaching Approaches and Methods - Errors in Second Language Learning - Classroom Research: Focus on Teaching and Learning - Determining the Challenges of Educating for Communicative Competence - Final Reflections

Collaborative Language Learning and Teaching
David Nunan
Main Collection P 53.42. C65 1992
Contents: Experiential language learning : second language learning as cooperative learner education / Viljo Kohonen - Literacy skills or literate skills? : considerations for ESL/EFL learners / Shirley Brice Heath - Collaboration : constructing shared understandings in a second language classroom / Donald Freeman - Context and cooperation in academic tasks / Bernard Mohan and Sondra Marshall Smith - Collaborative writing as a literacy event : implications for ESL instruction / Denise E. Murray - Collaborative language teaching : a co-investigation / Nora B. Shannon and Bonnie Meath-Lang - Team teaching : a case study from Japan / Peter

Teaching Nursing

Nurse as Educator: Principles of Teaching and Learning for Nursing Practice
Susan Bacorn Bastable
Main Collection RT90. N86 2008
Also available in Ebook form
Designed to teach nurses about the development, motivational, and sociocultural differences that affect teaching and learning, this text combines theoretical and pragmatic content in a balanced, complete style. -from publisher description.

Teaching Nursing: Developing a Student-Centered Learning Environment
Lynne E. Young and Barbara L Paterson
Main Collection RT71. T343 2007
Examines the complexities of teaching and learning nursing, explains the theoretical foundations of student-centered learning, describes various methods and models for student-centered learning in nursing, and explores the issues and challenges of constructing nursing curricula and implementing student-centered pedagogies.

Teaching Teachers

Cultural-Historical Perspectives on Teacher Education and Development: Learning Teaching
Viv Ellis, Anne Edwards, Peter Smagorinsky
Main Collection LB1731. C84 2010
Clarifies the purpose of initial (pre-service) teacher education and continuing professional development, and the role of universities and higher education personnel in these processes.

The Craft of Teaching: A Guide to Mastering the Professor's Art
Kenneth Eugene Eble
Main Collection (4) LB1025.2 E24
Contents: pt. I. Teaching and learning. The author's stance; The mythology of teaching - pt II. The skills of teaching. Why the classroom? ; Making classes work; The lecture as discourse; Discussion; Seminars, tutorials, and advising; Outside the classroom - pt. III. Grubby stuff and dirty work. Texts; Assignments; Tests; Grades; Situations - pt. IV. Learning to teach. Producing college professors; Preparing college teachers; A final word.

Into the Classroom: Developing the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Thomas Hatch
Main Collection LB1027. H348 2006
Based on the development of the Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Into the Classroom clearly shows the advantages of bringing teaching into the public arena and making it possible for many people to see the nature and quality of the teaching that goes on inside schools. Once teaching is more public we can create unprecedented opportunities for teachers to learn from one another and for others to participate constructively in supporting and improving schools. Into the Classroom outlines the myriad issues that must be addressed in order for the teaching profession to become a true learning profession."-Jacket.

The Immortal Profession: The Joys of Teaching and Learning
Gilbert Highet
Main Collection LB1025.2. H5
Contents: The pleasures of learning - The illusion of progress - The liberal teacher - The scholarly life -The need for renewal - Teaching college teachers how to teach - Communication - The class of '64 - Gilbert Murray - Albert Schweitzer - Jesus and his pupils

Up Close and Personal: The Teaching and Learning of Narrative Research
Ruthellen Josselson, Amia Lieblich, Dan P McAdams
Main Collection PN212. U68 2003
"Up Close and Personal: The Teaching and Learning of Narrative Research, the second volume in the series The Narrative Study of Lives, brings together a diverse group of narrative research scholars who share their actual experiences of learning, teaching, working, and growing in this exciting field. The wide variety of innovative approaches and expansive theoretical perspectives they offer will be immensely helpful to those who are learning or teaching qualitative methods." "In this volume, chapter authors successfully challenge readers to think about narrative research in its own context while also maintaining original, personal voices that underscore the value this field places on an individual's communication of his or her experience. By revealing their struggles with qualitative research's emerging and evolving processes and their experiences working with students at various educational levels, these authors subtly, but effectively, arm teachers with tools that anticipate common pitfalls and frustrations. At the same time, the authors relate professional triumphs that illustrate effective teaching - and doing - of narrative research."-Jacket.

The Courage to Teach: Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher's Life
Parker J Plamer
Main Collection, Turro Seminary Library LB1775. P25 1998 - Book and CD available
This book is for teachers who have good days and bad -- and whose bad days bring the suffering that comes only from something one loves. It is for teachers who refuse to harden their hearts, because they love learners, learning, and the teaching life.

Enhancing Scholarly Work on Teaching and Learning: Professional Literature that Makes a Difference
Maryellen Weimer
Main Collection LB2331. W365 2006
In this book, Maryellen Weimer provides an essential resource for anyone who is engaged in efforts to improve teaching in higher education. This comprehensive book draws on a wide array of sources to help practitioners build on the foundation laid by existing scholarly work on teaching and learning. Enhancing Scholarly Work on Teaching and Learning reviews previously published work on teaching and learning to better guide those engaged in pedagogical scholarship and to help develop a literature that meets the needs of faculty."-Jacket.