Seton Hall University

Faculty Learning Community for Pedagogy

Teaching can be an isolating experience with few structured opportunities for collaboration and feedback. The FLC on Pedagogy (FLC-P) is intended to be a collaborative, supportive community of peers where we reflect on teaching practices, share challenges and celebrate successes.

This cohort program, sponsored by the SHU Center for Faculty Development, will meet face-to-face (subject to change based on SHU policy and CDC guidelines) for about 1.5 hours every other week during the semester.

During the FLC-P, we will explore topics such as creating student-centered, inclusive learning environments; assessment, grading and other feedback; increasing student motivation; techniques shown to boost learning and retention; and other topics of interest to the participants. We will provide each other with constructive feedback on instructional materials—such as syllabi, course texts, assignments, etc. The goals of the program include reaching a deeper understanding of teaching practice, experimenting with innovative pedagogical techniques, and improving instructional effectiveness.

Participants who choose to complete a self-selected project during the semester will receive a stipend. You can explore any pedagogical topic of interest to you, but some possibilities include:

  • implementing and reflecting on a new method or approach in one of your courses
  • creating a professional development workshop for the SHU Center for Faculty Development or an academic conference
  • writing a white paper or review article with the aim of publishing it in a discipline- or teaching-focused journal
  • designing a research study on a pedagogical innovation or challenge.

If you are interested in joining the FLC-P, please email Paige Fisher and Elizabeth McCrea.