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Capital Project Requests

How do I request new work and/or renovations?
Who is responsible for paying for new work?

New work, renovations, and alterations are funded by the department requesting the work. The actual performance of the work could be accomplished by in-house trades or by a local contractor.

The scope of work, the time restrictions, and the schedule of the in-house labor force will determine who completes the project. The Project Request and Approval Form must be used to request approval of new work. This form is a standard form used to let Facilities Engineering know of the intended work.

Download Project Request and Approval Form (PDF) »

The process is for you to fill out the scope of work and the justification for the work on the first page of the form, the initial request. It is important that your budget amount be stated (what you think it will cost and how much you are willing to spend) and that the hard copy of this form is signed by your Vice President. The hard copy of this form is then sent to Facilities Engineering so there is a file copy with an actual signature on it. The form is also sent to Facilities Engineering as an e-mail. DFE will review the request, meet with you to review the scope and discuss options, prepare an estimate, and then return the form to you electronically.

Once you have the estimate of the job, the Vice President signs the form again and sends a hard copy to the Budget Officer. The Budget Officer reviews it and signs it and then forwards the hard copy to the VP for Finance and Technology. Once this Vice President approves the request, it comes back to Facilities for scheduling and accomplishment.

Project Request and Approval Instructions

The University recently implemented an improved approval process for all construction project requests. This process should be used for all projects regardless of size or cost. Questions as to when to use the form or the process itself should be directed to the Director of Facilities Engineering. The attached form was created to help The Department of Facilities Engineering (DFE) better serve the ever-growing needs of the University. It is divided into three sections.

Section I. Initial Project Review

  1. This section is to be filled out by the requesting department/division (generally completed by the person most knowledgeable of the project). DFE can assist in the area of initial budget estimate and defining the scope of work.
  2. The completed project request is forwarded to the requestor’s Vice President for review and approval.
  3. Once approved, the signed original request is sent inter-office as well as an e-mailed version to Mara-Lynn Fahey in Bayley Hall where it will be reviewed, logged in and kept on file. She will forward the e-mail version of the request form to the director of DFE for further action.

Section II. Facilities Estimate

  1. Based on the nature of the request, it will be determined if an outside architect and/or engineer are needed to develop construction drawings and whether or not a permit is required.
  2. At this time it will also be determined if the project will be done in-house or by an outside contractor.
  3. A more detailed cost estimate will be prepared; design and construction times will be estimated and the amended request form will be forwarded via-e-mail to the requestor.

Section III. Final Sign Off

  1. The requestor will review the costs and timelines.
  2. If everything is agreeable, the requestor will forward the form to his/her VP for the “Final Sign Off.”
  3. The form is sent to the Budget Director for signature and confirmation that funds are available for the project.
  4. The form is sent from the Budget Office to the Vice President for Finance & Technology for approval.
  5. The form is sent to the Executive Vice President for final approval.
  6. The form is returned to Mara-Lynn who calls general accounting to set up a construction account and the budget office to transfer the funds. Copies of the approved form will be sent to the requestor and the Director of Facilities Engineering.

After written final approval is received by DFE, the project can then be added to the schedule. The project requestor will be kept apprised of the pre-construction process and the actual start date.

Projects that are planned to occur over the summer break must be submitted and fully approved by April 15th. This will allow the appropriate time for bidding the project and securing the required permits.