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Seton Hall University
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Capital Project Requests

How do I request new work and/or renovations?
Who is responsible for paying for new work?

New work, renovations, and alterations are funded by a capital funding request. The actual performance of the work could be accomplished by in-house trades or by a local contractor.

The scope of work, the time restrictions, and the schedule of the in-house labor force will determine who completes the project. The Project Authorization Form (PAF) must be used to request approval and funding of new work, prior to requesting any estimates from Facilities. The Project Request Approval Form can be accessed via the following link:

Download Project Request and Approval Form (PDF) »

All capital projects and expenditures, regardless of dollar amount, must follow these guidelines.

For all P/E under $50,000:

  1. The Requestor must complete the Project Authorization Form (Form). This Form must be signed by the Associate Vice President or Dean and submitted to the Associate Vice President of Facilities Engineering and Business Affairs (AVP FE) by the first of each month.
  2.  Forms will be reviewed on a monthly basis by the Capital Review Committee (Committee).
  3. Once approved by the Committee, the P/E will be presented to EC for authorization of the expenditure and implementation by Facilities Engineering (FE).
  4. All procurement of services or equipment will be per the established contracting and purchasing guidelines Capital Projects Policy.

For all P/E over $50,000 –

  1. All Forms must be submitted by April 1st of each year to FE for an estimate.
  2. Divisional approval of the estimate must be submitted by May 15th of each year to the AVP FE.
  3. All P/E will be reviewed with the Finance Department and sent to the President and EC for approval by July 1st of each year.
  4. Following approval by the President and EC, P/E will be submitted to the Board of Regents for review and approval.
  5. Approved P/E will be included in the annual University Budget Book by March 1st of each year. All procurement of services or equipment will be per the established contracting and purchasing guidelines.