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Seton Hall University

Offerings and Initiatives

To both advance and support increased diversity and inclusion in the Seton Hall community, the University invests in a range of offerings and programming.

Below is a brief selection of activities. Whenever possible, links are provided for more information. Updates are made on a rolling basis. Please visit the University Calendar for the new, upcoming events.

Please check back for updates.

Office of the Provost

  • Diversity and Inclusion Website - Launched in May 2019, the Diversity and Inclusion website demonstrates Seton Hall's commitment to diversity, including student groups, recent curricular changes to strengthen diversity, University Life courses and reading groups, as well as lists of key faculty and administrators who are charged with furthering diversity and inclusion. The website highlights monthly heritage month celebrations. 

  • Faith-Based Outreach - On Saturday March 7, 2020, Seton Hall hosted the NJ Coalition of Latino Pastors. The gathering included faith leaders, community leaders, government officials and non-profit leaders.


  • The Faculty Senate approved the edited Course Evaluation instrument that will be adopted in Fall 2022 with additional questions to gauge the inclusivity of the class experience and the diversity of the curricula, as appropriate to the discipline, among other revisions.

  • Core Curriculum - During the week of January 20, 2020, the University Core honored Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Talks dealt with historical, legal, religious, and political issues regarding systemic racism, as well as how race factors into the areas of health care and education.

  • A&S Diversity Requirement - A new diversity core component is required of all students in the College of Arts and Sciences. Seven courses were approved for this requirement in Spring 2019, and 31 courses were listed for the Fall 2019 semester. The eight courses offered on the Fall 2020 schedule includes a new course: "Native American History to Removal."

Schools and Colleges

  • College of Human Development, Culture, and Media - Established in 2023 and consistent with the College’s Mission, the Dean’s Advisory Group on DEI helps foster inclusion and belonging in our community, which recognizes and celebrates the unique passions and callings of all within our College.

  • School of Diplomacy and International Relations - In June 2020, the School of Diplomacy convened a Coalition of faculty, administrators, students, alumni and friends of the School dedicated to improving diversity, equity, inclusion and justice in the School of Diplomacy and International Relations and in the School’s impact on the community. The Coalition guides the overall direction and accountability of the School’s work on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice. The School of Diplomacy has also launched three new courses that will be taught at the undergraduate and graduate level addressing issues including race and international law, race and gender in international affairs and race and religion in international affairs. 

Student Services

  • The University has developed a strong partnership with the South Orange/Maplewood Cross-Cultural Works Committee to sponsor a variety of heritage month events and programs, including Lunar NJ Fest in January 2023.

  • In 2021, the University implemented the Bias Education Support Team (BEST), which provides support-related resources to campus community members who have experienced, witnessed, and/or are aware of a bias incident. BEST acts as intermediaries; and design programs, events, education, and outreach initiatives to aid in the prevention and elimination of bias incidents on our campuses.

  • The DEI Committee continues to deliver monthly anti-racism training sessions, the third Friday of each month. The University is partnering with the National Building Coalition Institute (NCBI) for a train-the-trainer program. The three-day workshop will take place in January 2023.  

  • Faith and Racial Injustice Virtual Event - Student organizations, supported by the Division of Student Services, Campus Ministry and the University, are hosting an interfaith event: Faith and Racial Injustice on July 1, 2020. 

  • Increased Diversity Funding - The University created a line item in the recurring budget for an additional $20,000 for student-planned activities during Black History, Hispanic-Latino History, Women's History, and Islamic History months and other multi-cultural celebrations through the Student Government Association (SGA). Additional funding opportunities are available through the DEI Committee Funding Form

  • The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) survey aims to measure the community’s overall view on inclusivity, DEI efforts on campus and gauge knowledge of resources for discrimination and harassment. The survey also provides insights for future DEI programming, workshops, and events to enhance inclusion efforts on campus. 

Faculty and Administration

  • Every College/School has an active DEIJ subcommittee tasked with ensuring that its core curriculum addresses DEIJ subject matter, teaches inclusively, and develops inclusive extracurricular initiatives that advance equity. Preliminary curricular recommendations and changes are expected to be presented and voted on by faculty in fall 2022.

  • All Faculty serving on faculty and administrative search committees are required to attend a diversity training facilitated by Human Resources and the Office of EEO Compliance & Title IX. 

  • With support from the Office of the Provost and University DEI Committee, the University has partnered with the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) to offer faculty a 25-module professional development opportunity as part of the University’s commitment to instructional excellence, inclusive teaching practices, and student success

  • The Truth and Racial Healing Transformation Initiative participated in Summer 2022 (and 2021) training program and conducted the first racial healing circle on October 25.

  • The Diversity and Inclusion Seminar - The Center for Faculty Development hosted a series of discussions in Spring 2020 including studying race, diversity, inclusion and the social psychology of knowledge; The data on racial/ethnic disparities; Explaining the disparities; Exercises for creating a safe environment for discussing race; and Managing Hot Moments

  • Chief Equity, Diversity and Compliance Officer - The University appointed Lori Brown, J.D., as its Chief Equity, Diversity and Compliance Officer.  Prior to this appointment, Brown served as Seton Hall's Director of EEO Compliance, Title IX Coordinator. 

Recurring Events

  • 2022 event highlights include the Martin Luther King, Jr. Symposium, Lunar New Year Fest NJ, Adelante: Noche Folklorica, South Orange/ Maplewood Book Discussions, and Women & Gender Conference.   

  • The Center for Faculty Development (CFD) continues to host an ongoing DEI Film Series, a DEI reading group, and a funded special seminar on anti-racist pedagogy, as well as occasional talks and community book discussions. The CFD is working on an advanced DEI seminar for faculty.

  • MLK Symposium - In January, the University holds the annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Symposium. Course content focuses on Dr. King's contributions toward an analysis of oppression, liberation and peace, with additional content on institutional racism, micro-aggression, rhetoric, privilege and law. 

  • The Joseph A. Unanue Latino Institute Gala honored Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin, C.Ss.R., Mariano Rivera, and Dr. Ramon Tallaj on October 27 at the annual Unanue Gala.

  • Please visit the University Calendar for the new, upcoming events.


  • Citizen Upstander: An Introductory Training to Interrupting Racism, a participatory workshop for anyone who wishes to expand on their abilities to conspire for a more racially equitable future.

  • Covid Ethics Series -  On May 20, 2020, the series featured "Discrimination Intensified: Equity in the Time of COVID," sponsored by IHS Bioethics and IHS Student Life. 

Centers and Institutes

Sister Rose Thering Fund for Education in Jewish-Christian Studies Fostering understanding through education and inter-religious cooperation since 1993, the Sister Rose Thering Fund began as a supporting wing of the Department of Religion at Seton Hall. Its mission is to advance Sister Rose's legacy by fostering understanding and cooperation among Jews, Christians and people of other religious traditions through advocacy and education.

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Other Campuses

  • Community conversations on diversity and inclusion-related topics are held monthly at Seton Hall Law, while first-year students are trained in cultural competency.

  • The University's medical school includes an Office of Diversity and Equity that seeks to ensure diversity among the school's students, faculty, administrators and staff members.

  • The IHS library provided information support for inclusion of transgender people in IHS orientations/information sessions.

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