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Seton Hall University
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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee


  • Monica N. Burnette, Vice President, Student Services
  • Rev. John J. Ranieri, Ph.D., Director, University Honors Program; Thomas and Ruth Sharkey Professor of Humanities; Professor of Philosophy 

Coordinating  Committee:

The Coordinating Committee was comprised of the Co-Chairs, the chairs of each of its subcommittees and Majid Whitney (AVP of Campus Inclusion and Community, Student Services). It served as the organizing body of the Committee, responsible for the integration, synchronization, facilitation and implementation of the work of the Committee and its subcommittees. The Coordinating Committee provided timely updates to the Seton Hall community and reported its progress frequently to the Executive Cabinet. 


  • Faculty, Academic and Curriculum – Co-Chairs: Mary Balkun, Professor and Director of Faculty Development, College of Arts and Sciences; and Ruth Tsuria, Assistant Professor of Communication, College of Human Development, Culture and Media
  • Programming and Communication – Chair: Ghana Hylton, Director of Campus Inclusion and Business Affairs
  • Community Training and Development – Chair: Majid Whitney, Associate Vice President and Dean of Campus Inclusion and Community
  • Policy and Procedures – Chair: Lori Brown, Chief Equity, Diversity and Compliance Officer

DEI Committees in Schools and Colleges: