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Academy Initiative Leads to Creation of Podcast Series ‘CORECast’  

Headshot of Jon Radwan.A new podcast series "CORECast" is in development. CORECast (i.e. Core Podcast) was proposed by Dr. Jon Radwan and Dr. Ruth Tsuria, both faculty in College of Communication and the Arts, and Rabbi Allan Brill, Cooperman/Ross Endowed Chair for Jewish-Christian Studies. An initiative of Seton Hall's Institute for Communication and Religion, this proposal has received a Provost's seed grant from the University's Academy initiative and will be hosted through the ICR Podcasting Network.

Ruth TsuriaDr. Radwan has shared how the podcasts will explore various topics taught in Core I and Core II classes, Journey of Transformation and Christianity and Culture in Dialogue, both of which are required of all undergraduates, from both faculty and student perspectives. The goal is to produce at least eight episodes during a three-year period. Each podcast will bring together a faculty expert with a student representative from one of our many diverse campus religious organizations to discuss a particular Core text they both care about from one of the two courses.

Rabbi Alan BrillCORECast will be hosted through the ICR Podcasting Network, which hosts the Institute for Communication and Religion Channel. This venue shares perspectives from scholars on the contribution of faith traditions as well as how they are influenced by contemporary society. The Network also hosts a second channel, called Inter/Sections, which partners with the Journal of Inter-religious Studies, which offers an exploration of inter-faith issues, ideas, and dialogue.

We in the Core are excited about this exciting medium for sharing the Catholic Intellectual Tradition proposed by three outstanding faculty members. These podcasts can be used to enhance our Core I and II classes by multiplying the perspectives we hear. They will also extend the educational work of the Core beyond campus and in turn spread the word about what we are doing here at Seton Hall in the University Core. Any faculty member or student interested in participating in this project may reach out to Dr. Radwan.

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