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Seton Hall University

Tuition Insurance

Seton Hall University recognizes that education is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your lifetime. We also recognize that several different unexpected stressors can affect students and their academic performance, including but not limited to:

  • Serious Injury or Illness
  • Chronic Illness
  • Mental Health Conditions

Normally, depending on the timing of the withdrawal, you may not be eligible to receive a refund of your tuition and fees. The Tuition Insurance Plan helps students and families overcome from financial losses that may occur as a result of a withdrawal due to a covered medical reason or death of the student/tuition payer.

Seton Hall University has partnered with GradGuard™ to make the Tuition Insurance Plan available to our families.

What is GradGuard™ ?

GradGuard provides coverage to broaden the scope of our existing refund policy by ensuring reimbursement for tuition, housing, and other payments if a student withdraws for any covered medical reason. This includes withdrawal at any point during the semester, so long as it is for a covered medical concern.

The Tuition Insurance Plan not only protects against unexpected medical concerns, but also in the covered death of a tuition payer or student. To get a quote or learn more about selecting this optional tuition insurance, please visit the GradGuard website or call 877-794-6603.

The Tuition Insurance Plan is optional for any accepted student upon enrollment.

  •   What are the Benefits of Tuition of Tuition Insurance?
    • Protect up to 100% of your investment in your education and other covered fees that is invoiced by the university.
    • Withdraw when you need to any point during the semester.
    • Plan Benefits Include:
      • 100% coverage of Injury/Illness that would cause a withdrawal
      • 100% coverage in case of the Death of a Student
      • 100% coverage in case of the Death of a Tuition Payer
      • 100% coverage in case of a covered mental health condition that would cause a withdrawal
      • Other school expenses are covered in some cases up to $1,000, which can include but is not limited to, book, supplies, instructional materials, and lab/activity fees.
      • 24 hour Student Life Assistance which provides 24/7 assistance to students and their parents during emergencies.
      • Epidemic Coverage Endorsement Included- Reimbursement for covered expenses in case the student gets sick and must withdraw at any point during the semester.
    • Reimburse tuition payments and other school-invoiced fees after a withdrawal due to a covered medical illness, injury, or the death of a tuition payer.
  •   What is the Cost of Tuition Assistance?
    • The cost of tuition insurance is approximately 1% of your tuition costs.
    • To get a quote what you will get reimbursed based on your covered expenses (including tuition, room and board, and other fees), please visit Gradguard here and enter your information.
    • You can also use the Gradguard calculator to see cost of withdrawal without Tuition Insurance would be for comparison.
  •   When is the Deadline to Sign Up for Tuition Insurance?
    • The deadline to purchase tuition insurance is the last date in the add/drop period of each semester.
    • For the Spring 2023 semester, that date is January 25.
    • For the Fall 2023 semester, that date is August 28.
    • Once purchased, the coverage selected should cover all costs for the selected semester.