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Seton Hall University

Refund Authorization Request

Seton Hall University  has changed the process in which students can request a refund.

Refunds can be requested by submitting the Refund Authorization Request to let us know how you would like any overpayments on your account to be handled. This form can be found under the Bursar Account under the Profile and Finances Tab in PirateNet. The options available would be to have a refund check processed and mailed out to the address on file, to have a refund check processed and made available for pickup, or to leave the funds on your account for future charges. Your selections will stay on file during the duration of your enrollment at Seton Hall. You can change your selections by resubmitting the Refund Authorization Request at any time. In completing your Refund Authorization Request you are also completing the Title IV Authorization process.

If you would like to request a partial refund, please fill out the Refund Authorization Request and select the "I do authorize Seton Hall" option under selection three, Credit Balance Authorization. You can then send an e-mail to [email protected] with the amount you would like refunded and the method you would like to receive this refund.

If you'd like to add a bank account for electronic refunds, please do the following: 

  • Log In to PirateNet & Click the 'Profile & Finances' tab.
  • Under Bursar Account – Click ‘View & Pay My Account
  • Click on the Electronic Refunds button > Setup New Account
  • Complete Fields to Add a Bank Account***

***A bank with a US location is required to receive an electronic refund.

Please make sure Bank Account information is accurate. Incorrect bank accounts will cause delays in your refund.