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Peak Performance, Fear and Flow State with Pro Skydiver Melanie Curtis  

A photo of Melanie Curtis.Join us for this virtual discussion with Pro Skydiver, Melanie Curtis, on peak performance, fear, and flow state on March 28 at 7 p.m.

About the Speaker

Melanie Curtis is a leader and known voice in skydiving and personal and professional development. She is an author, podcast host, and professional skydiver. She has been tapped as an expert in Forbes, Fast Company, Thrive Global, on CBS Sunday Morning, Masters of Scale, Entrepreneurs on Fire, and more. Melanie is a sought-after speaker and consultant, teaching techniques of peak performance, deep healing, connection in relationships and community, and being brave as our access to being free.

Melanie has jumped out of an airplane 12,000 times. She has competed at the highest levels in skydiving, set world records with her team, and worked around the world as a headlining professional skydiver.

This event will allow students to participate in an exclusive online session with Melanie to discuss peak performance and fear. She will discuss how fear can manifest and how we can move through it. She will then connect fear with peak performance and speak to the yin and yang of what it takes on the positive side and what it takes to overcome the fear.

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