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Title IX Hearings Guidance

The Title IX Grievance Procedure [based upon the Final Rule and its extensive Preamble available here], requires parties to an investigation to participate in a live hearing.  The University will not issue a disciplinary sanction arising from an allegation of covered sexual harassment without holding a live hearing.

The live hearing may be conducted with all parties physically present in the same geographic location, or, at the University’s discretion, any or all parties, witnesses, and other participants may appear at the live hearing virtually through Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing Platform. 

The documents below provide guidance to our students, staff, faculty and administrators and the University community at large on the hearings processes and procedures.

For questions about the content of the guidance, please contact:

Toni Hindsman, M.A.
Director of EEO Compliance, Title IX Coordinator and Acting Deputy Title IX Coordinator for the HIS Campus and Interim Deputy Title IX Coordinator for the Law School
[email protected]
 (973) 275-2513