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Academic Regulations

For Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Please note: For Summer Session, the class meeting time will depend on how the individual faculty member has designed their online course. Some faculty will have regular meeting times and meet with the entire class on specified days and times as listed on the registration schedule. Other faculty may choose to record their lectures and engage students in different ways through discussion boards, projects and/or research. Specific information will be posted on the Blackboard site for each course. If a student is unsure about the requirements of a particular course, they should email the professor for detailed instructions.

Cancellation of Classes

The University reserves the right to cancel any class with insufficient enrollment, make any schedule changes required, and substitute faculty. When a class is canceled by the University, students registered for that class may substitute another course without penalty, or arrange a credit or refund from the Office of the Bursar.


Applicants for Summer Session who wish to begin a degree program with Seton Hall University should follow the normal admissions procedure outlined in the University catalog.

Class Attendance

The University expects students to attend all meetings of their course. Absence from class does not excuse students from fulfilling course and financial requirements.

Add/Drop Procedure

Seton Hall University students may make schedule adjustments on the web or in person by completing an add/drop form. Visiting students making schedule adjustments will be assisted in the Office of the Registrar. Courses may be added or dropped no later than the day of the second scheduled class meeting. Add/drop forms may be obtained from the Office of the Registrar or from departmental offices.

Dropping Courses

When a student has properly dropped a course by the day of the second meeting of class, the course is removed from the student's record, and tuition is credited to the student's account. The registration fee is non-refundable. After the day of the second class meeting, students may not drop, but may withdraw. See section below.


Students who officially withdraw from a course remain registered for it but are assigned a WD grade. Full tuition is due for withdrawals during summer session. Non-attendance does not constitute dropping or withdrawing from a course. Official forms must be filed with the Office of the Registrar according to the following calendar: Withdrawal requests received before the 5th class meeting do not require faculty/dean signature; forms received before the 7th class meeting require faculty/dean signature. No withdrawal is permitted after the 7th meeting. Students withdrawing completely must present their request in writing on the form obtainable in the Office of the Registrar. Tuition is not refunded after the day of the second scheduled class meeting. Students who withdraw unofficially are not given tuition credit or refunds.


Students can view their grades online within PirateNet. Seton Hall does not mail report cards. If a student is matriculated at another college or University, an official transcript will be forwarded to that institution upon written request of the student.

University Grading System

The University uses the letter grades on both the undergraduate and graduate levels to indicate the record of achievement in courses taken:

Grade Quality Points
A Superior 4.00
A-   3.67
B+   3.33
B Good 3.00
B-   2.67
C+   2.33
C Satisfactory 2.00
C-   1.67
D+   1.33
D Poor but Passing 1.00
F Failing 0.00
P Passing 0.00
I Incomplete 0.00
IW Incomplete Withdrawal 0.00
AU Audit 0.00
NR No Record/Not Reported 0.00
WD Withdrawal 0.00
Institutional Credit Courses Only
SP Satisfactory Performance 0.00
RR Retake Required 0.00

See University catalogs for a complete explanation of grading policy.

Grades of C-, D+ and D are not valid at the graduate level except in the Stillman School of Business and the School of Theology.

Other grades needing more detailed explanation include the following:

I - Incomplete

Indicates non-completion of assignments or failure to take examination for a course. Students must secure approval of their instructor and dean on a Course Adjustment Form prior to the scheduled final examination. See catalog for additional information.

P/F - Pass/Fail Option (Available to matriculated undergraduate students only)

Students may take up to 12 credits in free electives on a pass/fail basis with no more than 6 credits earned in any 12 month period. Pass/Fail courses may not be taken in the department in which a student is majoring. Forms for pass/fail option must be submitted by the 5th class meeting.

Credit Load

Summer Session students may not take a program that exceeds 6 credits in the particular session. Students in the College of Arts & Sciences may not take more than 4 credits in Intersession I-II.