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Office of International Programs
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Summer Abroad Programs

The perfect way to make your summer a global adventure! 

Summer Abroad Programs are courses that take place overseas during a summer session for two weeks to a month. These courses are cross-listed to meet multiple degree requirements which means regardless of major, you will keep on track for graduation! Summer Abroad Programs are taught by dedicated Seton Hall faculty who have a passion and expertise in the destination you are about to explore. These courses are crafted to immerse you with local cultures on a global scale and provide a truly immersive way to experience course concepts in amazing abroad destinations.

Summer 2024 Programs

Program Faculty Area of Study Status
Tuscan Tales: Travel Writing in Italy Nathan Oates Core 3 and English  Apps Closed
Human Rights and Culture in Morocco Youssef Yacoubi Arabic Language, Middle East and North African Studies Apps Open
Living Language in Rome David Beneteau Italian Studies Apps Closed
Philanthropy and Christianity in France Roseanne Mirabella Core 3 and Political Science  Apps Open

Summer Tuition and Discounts: All students participating in a Summer Abroad Program have two required payment components, summer tuition and the program fee. Students studying abroad with a Summer Abroad Program receive a 25% discount on Seton Hall tuition. If the program is a month long, you'll receive a 50% discount on Seton Hall tuition. Click here to understand the summer tuition considerations of Summer Abroad Programs. 


SHU Affiliate Programs

Program Country University Area of Study
Summer in Liverpool United Kingdom Liverpool Hope University Multi-Departmental
Summer in Japan Japan Sophia University Langauges, Literatures, and Cultures; Asian Studies  
Lyon Language and Immersion France The Catholic University of Lyon Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (French Language)

Affiliate Tuition and Discounts: Students studying abroad with a SHU Affiliate Program receive a 25% discount on Seton Hall summer tuition. If the program is a month long, you'll receive a 50% discount on Seton Hall summer tuition. Click here to understand the summer tuition considerations of Summer Abroad Programs. 

Summer Abroad Checklist 

Learn about the four stages to studying abroad with a Summer Abroad Program: Pre-Application, Application, Confirmation, and Get Ready for Departure.

Your journey to a Summer Abroad Program begins here!

  • Attend an Info or Advising Session: Sign up for an in-person info or advising session to learn about your study abroad options and how you can make your international dreams a reality.
  • Meet with your Academic Advisor: Consult with your Academic Advisor about your summer abroad ideas and how studying abroad works with your degree requirements.
  • Apply for Study Abroad Scholarships: Learn about the support offered in our Scholarships Abroad Hub, applying early is strongly recommended.
  • Accessibility Abroad: Students seeking accommodations on a study abroad program should begin the process with the DSS office at least 6 months before the program start date. 


Applying to a Summer Abroad Program is super easy and can be completed in just a matter of minutes! Even if you are still considering your study abroad options with your family and faculty, still apply to every program you are interested in! There is no application fee or commitment needed to apply. You may decide whether you wish to confirm your spot after you are approved.

Applications for all Seton Hall Study Abroad Programs are approved on a first come, first serve basis (as are confirmations after approval) and space is limited. A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required and students cannot be on disciplinary probation level II or higher at the time of departure.

Here's what is required in your application within the Study Abroad Portal:

  • Seton Hall Program Checklist (Read and Acknowledge) 
  • Assumption of Risk, Waiver of Liability, Release of Claims and Indemnification (Acknowledge and Sign)
  • Authorization for Access to Student Information (Acknowledge and Sign)
  • Consent for the Processing of Personal Data (Acknowledge and Sign)
  • Disability Support Services (Read and Acknowledge)
  • Your Passport Status (Read and Answer)
  • Emergency Contacts (Read and Answer)
  • Personal Statement (Read and Answer)

Important: Applications may be approved after the Priority Application Deadline up until their Confirmation Deadline.


Congratulations! You've been approved and received an email from OIP. Once you click on the link in that email, you'll be taken to your decision letter with the following instructions within the Study Abroad Portal.

For Approved Students: Acceptance into your Summer Abroad Program does not guarantee you a spot until you complete the confirmation process. Students are confirmed on a first come, first-serve basis and space is limited. Your spot is not confirmed until you complete the following steps within the Study Abroad Portal:

  • Read and sign the "Acknowledgment of Refund, Participation and Withdrawal Policy"
  • Submit a $500 Non-Refundable Deposit payment thru the link provided within the Study Abroad Portal.

Once you complete the above requirements, OIP will update your application status to "Confirmed," indicating your spot is secure for this program. Please allow at most 12 hours for your status to be changed to Confirmed.

Important: Approved students do not need a valid passport to be confirmed for a Seton Hall Study Abroad Program, but they must have a valid passport prior to departure with an expiration date at least 6 months after the program end date. Click here to learn more about passports and visas.

Get Ready for Departure

Hooray! You've been confirmed for your Summer Abroad Program and your seat is secure. Here's what happens between your confirmation and your departure, as well as some important remaining requirements to be marked as Ready for Departure.

  • Course Registration: The Registrar will place confirmed students into the course(s) associated with your Summer Abroad Program on your behalf. All Summer Abroad Program sections are purposely closed so that only confirmed students are registered.
  • Student Pre-Departure Requirements: Confirmed students must submit the following information through the Study Abroad Portal:
    • Dietary Restrictions or Food Allergies (Read and Submit)
    • Online Student Pre-Departure Orientation (Read and Answer Quiz)
    • International Medical Insurance Coverage (Read and Submit)
    • Passport Information (Read and Submit)
    • Phone Number and Secondary Email While Abroad (Read and Submit)
    • STEP Registration - U.S. Department of State (Read and Acknowledge)
    • Study Abroad Health Information (Read and Acknowledge)
    • Flight Itinerary (Read and Submit)
    • Final Program Fee Balance Due (by April 15): Students who do not pay the full program fee by the deadline will be dropped from the corresponding study abroad course(s).
  • Summer Tuition Payments: After you are registered for your summer courses, you will be prompted to pay tuition based on the length and number of courses. All students participating in a Summer Abroad Program are responsible for paying the summer tuition and the program fee.
  • Prepare for Your Time Abroad: Check out the Preparing and Packing hub with tons of pre-departure resources.