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Fall 2022 Graduate Courses

Jewish-Christian Studies Program

Teachers, Take Note

The Board of Trustees of the Sister Rose Thering Fund invites teachers to apply for tuition assistance for courses offered in the graduate program of Jewish-Christian Studies during the fall semester of 2022.

Sister Rose CoursesSeton Hall University's graduate students in Jewish Christian Studies come from a wide spectrum of the community: educators, academicians, students of religion and inter-cultural relations - those who believe learning is a lifelong adventure.

A certificate in Jewish-Christian Studies is available for those taking four courses (12 credits) in the program. The following courses are recommended to implement the New Jersey Mandate for Genocide and Holocaust Education.

  • JCST 6001: Christian-Jewish Encounter
  • JCST 7556: Antisemitism
  • JCST 7544: Encountering Other Religions
  • JCST 7047: Philosophic Reflections on the Holocaust

Please note that JCST 6001 is required for all Certificate students. Please feel free to call the SRTF program manager at (973) 761-9006 if you have any questions or concerns, or if we can assist you in selecting a course.

Registration for Fall 2022

For online registration procedures, call the Program of Jewish-Christian Studies office at (973) 761-9751 (Jay Wolferman).

Early registration is highly recommended. Applications will be processed as soon as they are received. Preference for financial assistance will be given to early applicants.

Academic Credit

Students seeking financial assistance from the Sister Rose Thering Fund may register for one course per semester and may take up to 12 credits on a non-matriculated basis, receiving a Certificate on completion of these credits.

For admission to the graduate program to matriculate toward a master's degree, contact the Program of Jewish-Christian Studies at (973) 761-9751.

Sister Rose Courses

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Applications for Scholarships

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Address inquiries to:
Sister Rose Thering Fund Scholarship Committee
Seton Hall University
400 South Orange Avenue
South Orange, New Jersey 07079
(973) 761-9006

Scholarship applicants are encouraged to seek partial funding from their school district.