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Seton Hall University
human formation

Human Formation at St. Andrew's Hall

"The divine call [to the priesthood] engages and involves the 'concrete' human person" in that the "seminarian is called upon to develop his personality, having Christ, the perfect man, as his model and source" (RFIS, 93). This is the essence of the human dimension of formation and is the foundation of all formation. This happens as the seminarian's formation advisor and spiritual director, along with the seminary counselor, work together to:

  • Identify and further develop his personal strengths;
  • Identify and work to overcome his personal weaknesses;
  • Grow in his ability to live healthfully;
  • Develop his aesthetic sense;
  • Enhance his communication skills;
  • Develop a greater capacity to empathize with others;
  • Grow in his ability to live in community; and
  • Begin the process of becoming a public person in the Church.

This process of human formation, a growing in conformity to Christ, takes place within the context of the college seminary community where the seminarian's brother seminarians accompany him on his journey of formation. At Saint Andrew's Hall the seminarian has opportunities to grow in the context of the larger Seton Hall community, such as in liberal arts classes, intramural sports, various university sponsored clubs, and campus ministry. When a seminarian embraces his human formation, he becomes a man of relationship who, like Christ, desires to engage, care for and love every person whom the Father calls him to minister.