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Registrar Frequently Asked Questions

How do I...?

Change My Personal Data

  1. Log into PirateNet.
  2. Select Banner Self-Service.
  3. Select the Personal Information Tab.
  4. Select the item to update and follow the prompts.

To change your name, complete the Change of Personal Data Form. Sign and return the form to the Office of the Registrar with copies of supporting documentation (marriage certificate, court order, or driver's license).

Provide FERPA Authorization to a Parent or Guardian

Please watch our helpful video to learn how to use the FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act) form to grant a parent, guardian, or other eligible person access to your educational records. Your FERPA authorization will allow them to discuss your information with Seton Hall faculty, staff, or administrators.

Get Signed into a Closed Course

Complete the Add-Drop Form and obtain the signature of the chairperson for the department in which the course is offered. Some department chairs will require signed approval of the course instructor before they will approve your registration for a closed course. In this case, secure both the signature of the instructor and the chairperson (for Business, contact the Student Information Office; for Diplomacy, contact the Associate Dean). Check with the department for specific guidelines. Please note that there is no guarantee that you will receive approval to register for a closed course, so please develop some alternative options in the event that your request cannot be approved.

Students seeking to register for a closed course may also request a permit from the department chair. To register for a closed course (where there is no wait list) or to resolve a similar registration problem, contact the department chairperson to seek approval for a permit. A permit will allow you to register online for a course that requires departmental approval. You cannot be signed into a closed course with an active wait list; the only way to secure a seat in a class with a wait list is to sign up for the wait list.

Get Added to a Wait List for a Course

Some courses have wait lists; these classes will appear with a maximum number > 0 in the wait list column of the class listing. If you want to put your name on a wait list for a course that has an online wait list, simply follow the prompts and add your name.

Important information regarding wait lists:

  • There is no guarantee that you will actually secure a seat in the class just because you have signed up for the wait list. Develop some alternative options in case a seat does not become available.
  • The wait list notification process is automatic and requires timely response/action. If a seat opens up in a closed course which has students on its wait list, the first student on the wait list receives an automated email from [email protected] advising that they can go online and register for the class. Students who receive these messages must follow through in registering for the class by the deadline that appears in the email notification. If the student does not register for the class the deadline included in the email notification, they no longer have the option to claim the seat. The next student on the wait list receives an email with the notification that they can register for the class.

When there is no wait list posted for a course, you can contact the department chair (for business, contact the Student Information Office; for Diplomacy, contact the Associate Dean) if you are seeking admission to a closed course (or if you have a time conflict or have a problem with a prerequisite). Make sure that you secure the necessary signatures on an add-drop form, which must be presented in person at the Office of the Registrar by the add-drop deadline.

Know My Adviser

If you are a freshman, your adviser will be the mentor assigned to you by Freshman Studies. After freshman year, students are assigned an adviser within their academic department, so check with the departmental office for information and assistance. If you have yet to declare a major, you will be assigned an adviser in Freshmen Studies. If you are seeking admission to a specific program, you should contact that program for information related to advisement. Whenever you change your major, check with your new department to determine who will be your adviser.

Graduate students should consult with their academic department to receive advisement.

Request an Enrollment Verification (current students)

  1. Log into PirateNet.
  2. Select Banner Self-Service.
  3. Select the Student Tab.
  4. Select Student Records.
  5. Select Request Enrollment Verification.
  6. Follow the prompts to submit the request.
  7. Select View Status of Enrollment Verification Requests in Student Records to view the status of your request.

Enrollment Verifications can be mailed via U.S.P.S., faxed, or picked up in the Office of the Registrar on the South Orange campus (Bayley Hall, room 110).

Walk in Commencement in Advance of Degree Eligibility

Undergraduate students who would like to participate in the May commencement ceremony in advance of degree eligibility can file an Application to Walk with the Office of the Registrar. Prior to submitting the application, students must have the following:

  • A declared major
  • No more than 6 missing credits or 2 courses to degree completion
  • Registered for missing courses in the summer semester (unless a course is only offered in the fall)
  • Filed an Online Application for Degree
  • Satisfied the overall GPA requirement within their major(s) and minor(s)
  • Completed all curriculum substitutions and granted approval
  • Resolved any incomplete grades

The form must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar by the identified deadline. Students who are approved to walk are eligible to receive honors, but will not be able to participate in the undergraduate Academic Awards Ceremony.

In some instances, graduate students may be approved to participate in the May commencement in advance of degree eligibility. Graduate students should contact their program director or academic adviser for more information.

Request a duplicate diploma

Diplomas are typically available two months after the degree date. Diplomas are released upon determination of academic eligibility and financial clearance.

All Seton Hall University diplomas are printed in Latin. A generic English Translation is provided with the diploma and can be viewed on our website.

Duplicate diplomas can be requested by submitting the Replacement Diploma Request Form, along with a check or money order for $50.00. 

Please view our Diploma Procedure page for more information.

Withdraw from the University

Before you consider withdrawing, understand that withdrawal is from all classes and the University, not just one or a few classes. It means you may have determined it is in your best interest to not complete the semester or to not return for the next semester. However, we recommend that you review our Withdrawal page for more information before making your decision.


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