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Seton Hall University

Watermark Faculty Success

Watermark Faculty Success is a secure and easy to use online tool for faculty members to organize, track, and report on their scholarship, instruction, research, and creative work, as well as clinical, service, and other professional activities.

Watermark Faculty Success provides many benefits including:

  • Eliminating the need to periodically and repetitively respond to requests for information on your teaching, research, and service achievements
  • Data from core University systems (Personal and Contact Information, Scheduled Teaching, and Assignments) will be imported to Watermark Faculty Success.
  • Enables you to keep track of your activity information in one place and to supply that information easily for multiple purposes such as annual activity reports, promotion and tenure documentation, data for accreditation reports, merit documentation, your CV, data for your profile on the university website, and more.
  • Generate reports to fulfill all sorts of individual and university reporting needs.

The new system will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of existing administrative reporting and personnel review processes, saving considerable time resources and ultimately providing an unprecedented wealth of faculty data. We anticipate that as departments, colleges, and schools become aware of the extent of Watermark Faculty Success powerful reporting capabilities, they will devise new and innovative ways to capitalize on the richness of the data.