College of Arts and Sciences

Transferring Credits to Other Colleges and Universities

Attending Seton Hall

Students who choose to attend Seton Hall University for their undergraduate education will automatically receive academic credit toward their undergraduate degree for their Project Acceleration courses as long as the student received a grade of "C" or better. These students need to inform their academic advisors of these credits before they register as freshmen. If a student has decided on a major, it is recommended to also check with the appropriate department chairperson. 

Admissions information can be found at the Undergraduate Admissions website. To contact the admissions department, please call (973) 313-6146, or email us at [email protected].

Transferring Credits

All accepting institutions require the receipt of an official Seton Hall transcript. The majority of college institutions require a grade of "C" or better. Students who plan to attend other colleges or universities should contact their institution's Admissions or Registrar's Office in order to determine their policy. Since policies do change suddenly, we strongly suggest all students inquire directly at the university/college of their choice.  Seton Hall cannot guarantee that every course will be accepted by every institution.  Students must request an official transcript from Seton Hall to have the credits transferred.

Please Note:

Public Institutions in New Jersey: 1986 Assembly Act No. 138 directed the New Jersey Department of Higher Education to establish a program to provide courses for college credit on public high school campuses to high school pupils, through institutions of higher education in this State. This Act states, "A public institution of education shall accept pursuant to standards established by the chancellor, the course credit of a student who successfully participates in the program." Students may still be required to submit a transcript.