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College of Arts and Sciences

Participation Requirements

Teaching Requirements 

Project Acceleration instructors should have at least a Master's degree in the specific discipline in which they teach. Those wishing to become a Project Acceleration teacher must submit proof of their credentials as well as a CV/résumé detailing their educational and employment experiences. 

Course Approval Requirements

Course approval is contingent upon the approved instructor teaching the course and the course being approved by the Seton Hall Department Liaisons. Whenever there is a change in personnel, the Director of Project Acceleration must be notified so that the new instructor's qualifications and any changes in course content can be reviewed

Each Project Acceleration course has its own unique registration number comprised of a four letter code for the subject, a four-digit number for the specific course, and a three letter code for the high school. The high school will be provided with this information once the course is approved. 

Material Submissions 

A course syllabus detailing the course objectives, textbooks, reading schedule, writing assignments, evaluation procedures, and grading policy should be submitted, along with the instructor's resume and credentials, to the Director of Project Acceleration. These materials should be sent by March 31 for courses starting in the Fall and September 30 for Spring courses. After an initial review, the Director then forwards the materials to a faculty member in the appropriate academic department at Seton Hall. If the course is approved, it will then be given a Seton Hall course number and title to be used for registration purposes. High schools will then be notified as to the registration procedure and deadlines.