Susan A. Nolan, Ph.D.

Department of Psychology

I started my academic career at Seton Hall University after receiving my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Northwestern University and completing my clinical internship through the Vanderbilt University/Nashville Department of Veterans Affairs Internship Consortium. Since arriving at Seton Hall, I've taught a range of courses, but my favorites are Mental Health (formerly Abnormal Psychology), International Psychology, Introduction to Psychology, and Statistics. I also enjoy translating my teaching into writing, and have co-authored several textbooks for Worth Publishers/Macmillan, including textbooks for statistics and introduction to psychology.

I have been involved in international psychology throughout my career. I have developed a course in international psychology at Seton Hall, served as a United Nations representative for the American Psychological Association for five years, and conducted research on international psychology education as a U.S. Fulbright Scholar in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Australia.

Over the years, I have pursued several lines of research, including studying perceptions of people with psychological disorders, including the stigma associated with mental illness, and exploring misinformation and scientific literacy, including in the classroom. My main focus at the moment, though, is on international psychology education in terms of learning outcomes, assessment, and curricula. To learn more, check out the project website: I welcome student involvement in my research!