Richard Hunter, J.D.

Professor of Legal Studies
Department of Economics and Legal Studies

Richard J. Hunter is a full Professor in the Department of Legal Studies where he teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses in the generic field of business law, including Legal Foundations of Business, Franchising and Leasing, Uniform Commercial Code, Products Liability, Securities Law, and Law in the Media. Professor Hunter recently taught two semesters of Introduction to Economics on the undergraduate level. In addition, Professor Hunter has taught a foundation course in the M.B.A. program, International Perspective, which is a broad and integrated introduction to international economics, international political, legal and economic institutions, culture and risk factors, intellectual property, international trade, and foreign direct investment. 

Dr. Hunter's research agenda is both traditional (for example, insider trading, sports officiating, constitutional law questions, unconscionability, and international property questions) and varied, specializing on transition economics, politics, and finance. Dr. Hunter's legal research contributions have recently appeared in the Villanova, Marquette, North Dakota, Houston, Denver, and Gonzaga law reviews, as well as the Business Law Review. His research is predominantly discipline based. 

Contributions in the area of transition economics have appeared in the Polish Review, the International Tax Journal, the Global Economy Journal, Transition, the St. John's Review of Business, the Sarmatian Review, and several specialized journals published under the rubric of Eurojournals. In addition, Professor Hunter has co-authored two academic books on the Polish experience in transformation with Brother Leo V. Ryan, CSV and Professor Robert Shapiro, and five editions of a traditional business law text, The Legal Environment of Business, with Seton Hall University faculty colleagues Professors John Shannon, Henry Amoroso and Sue O'Sullivan.

Dr. Hunter has served as Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Director of the Institute for International Business, Assistant Dean for Enrollment Management, Chair of the Department of Finance and Legal Studies, and he is Acting Chair of the Department of Economics.