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Seton Hall University

Juan A. Rios, DSW, LCSW

Assistant Professor of Social Work
Department of Sociology Anthropology Social Work and Criminal Justice

As a practitioner scholar, I believe in the importance of integrating our theoretical knowledge to our practice in the field of Social Work. It is my academic mission to ensure our students are constantly applying scholastic thought with applied learning. My experience is both in non-profit and government sectors and presently the Clinical Director of a multiservice specialty practice and serves as a clinical consultant to community mental health agencies.

My research interest are the following: Clinical phenomenological field narratives and self-reflexivity, Chinese philosophy on modern philanthropy, mindfulness intervention with immigrant and first generation children, and cultural intersection among men and masculinity. I have presented nationally and internationally at various Social Work conferences regarding the above and extremely passionate about this profession and equally as passionate about educating the future leaders of this field on deconstructing oppressive social systems.

Social Work is the quintessential transdisciplinary field, and as educators and student scholars we must upload the charge to lead discussions about social change and interpersonal healing both in the classroom and with our respective communities. It is my intent to provide a learning environment that breeds ontological thought in order to move our legislation, communities and most importantly ourselves through the stages of change.