Abe Zakhem, Ph.D.

Department of Philosophy

Prof. Zakhem’s teaching and research interests are in applied ethics, with a specialization in business ethics and more recently in ethics and sport. Prof. Zakhem’s work in business ethics reflects his academic expertise as well as his professional experience as an executive manager and senior management consultant. His more recent publications include: "Sweatshops and Free Action" (2020) Journal of Business Ethics (co-authored with Travis Timmerman); “Collective Impact Problems and the Promise for Business Ethics” (2020) Journal of Business Ethics Education; “Sporting Integrity, Coherence, and Being True to the Spirit of a Game,” (2018) Sport, Ethics, and Philosophy; “Normative Stakeholder Theory,” Stakeholder Theory (2017) (Emerald Business Ethics 360°); "Kierkegaard and Leadership, a Radical Reappraisal," Business Ethics Journal Review, (2017); "The Virtues of a Good Fight: an Ethical Analysis of Fighting in the NHL," (2015) Sport, Ethics, and Philosophy; and, "Can Management have Multi-Fiduciary Obligations?" (2015) Handbook of Research on Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibilities (IGI Global). His book Managing for Organizational-Ethical Integrity: Principles and Processes for Promoting Good, Right, and Virtuous Conduct (Business Expert Press, 2012) was selected by Harvard Business Publishing to complement their case study approach to management.