Alan Delozier, D.Litt.

Humanities and Outreach Librarian
University Libraries

When it comes to being a part of the archival science world, I believe that the most important part of any day centers upon lending specialized research support to our student body, valued colleagues and the general public alike. The joys of curiosity and intellectual formation in all of their forms are to be praised from basic questions to projects more complex in nature. Regardless of degree and depth, when inquiries can be answered this is how historical preservation in the scholarly sense continues to remain alive and well for the ages.  It also provides much satisfaction to see the smile and twinkle in one's eye when it comes to the cheer of discovery!  My own academic interests include (but are not limited to…) late nineteenth-twenty first century American, Irish, French, Bermudian social, religious, athletic and political history. Overall, I like to learn about a wide-range of academic pursuits from Art to Zoology that constitute a wider knowledge of human expression in its many glorious forms. Long live knowledge!

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