Seton Hall University

Room Change Policy


The Room Change Policy allows students who have a housing assignment to change their housing assignment when vacant rooms are available during a specified time.


University Policy


Room change: If a student would like to switch into another room that has vacancy.

Room offer: An email that contains information pertaining to an available bed space in housing.

Room swap: Students who want to "mutually trade" or "swap" rooms with one another. Both students must be eligible to live in the other student’s assigned housing. 


The room change period will commence three weeks after the first day of class and will be remain open for four weeks each fall and spring semester. During the room change period, students who are interested in moving may complete an application to swap or change rooms. The room change application will be available on residential students eRezLife chiclet under "Forms." Room changes will be processed daily, Monday through Friday, between 8:45am and 4:45pm, upon the submission of the online room change application. Priority is based on the availability of the request, circumstances surrounding the request and/or on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students, and their belongings, must remain in their original assigned room until they have been emailed a room offer, accepted the offer, AND received email instructions on how to properly transition to their new assignment.

Room change requests that occur outside of room change period will be reviewed on case by case basis by The Housing and Residence Life department. 

The Process

  1. Students who want a different housing assignment will complete and submit the online room change application. 
  2. The Housing and Residence Life office will contact students directly or forward their application to the Residence Hall Director who will review the room change. 
  3. Once the student’s request has been reviewed, the Housing and Residence Life Office will contact the student via their SHU email account with a room offer. The room offer must be accepted or declined within 24 hours of receiving the room offer email. Failure to reply to the room offer email, with an acceptance or denial, will result in the room offer being rescinded.
  4. Once the student has accepted the room offer, instructions will be emailed to the student on how to properly check out of their current assignment and check into their new assignment. The student will have 24 hours to complete the swap, change, or switch. Residents completing a room swap will work with the resident with whom they are swapping, to ensure the transition is smooth. An email will be sent to students who have vacancies in their assigned room notifying them that they will be getting a roommate. 
  5. Students will also receive instructions on how to sign off on their old Room Condition Report and accept the RCR for their new housing assignment. 

Billing and Dining Policies for Room Changes

  • Room changes are prorated on a daily basis. Students changing rooms to a different room type (i.e. from a triple to a double) will be required to pay the new room rate at a prorated price. 
  • All non-equal room changes may result in an increase or decrease in your housing charges (i.e. moving from a triple to a double, or vice versa). 
  • Students are responsible for all balances incurred due to room changes. 
  • All housing charges are applied directly to the student’s bursar account.
  • Students approved to change their University housing assignment from Ora or Turrell to Cabrini, Neumann, Serra, or Xavier hall are required to purchase a meal plan. The meal plan will be prorated. 
  • Students approved to change their University housing assignment from Cabrini, Neumann, Serra, or Xavier to Ora or Turrell may still be able to adjust their meal plan at the proration rate. Meal Plan 2 is not an option for on campus residents. 
  • Students will be responsible for any damages incurred in their original room assignment and will be billed accordingly. 

Responsible Offices


Dr. Shawna Cooper-Gibson, Vice President of Student Services

Effective Date

January 9, 2020