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University Policies

This is the official repository for all University, divisional, school, college and departmental policies currently in effect. Any policy found elsewhere, on-line or in print (including University handbooks and manuals), that is inconsistent with the official, current version of a policy found on this website, should be disregarded.

The University requires that all policies be promulgated in accordance with the applicable procedure, standards and format set forth in the Policy on Developing, Adopting and Promulgating University Policies

As the University is continually developing and amending its policies, it is the affirmative obligation of every employee to be aware of these policies in their most current version and adhere to them.

The University’s policies are not intended to confer contractual rights of any kind upon any employee, or create contractual obligations of any kind for the University.  No statement or promise by a supervisor, manager or department head, past or present, may be interpreted as a change in policy, nor will it constitute an agreement with an employee. Under certain circumstances, the University may determine that it is appropriate to make exceptions to some of the policies on a case-by-case basis, in which event, the University is not required to make the same exception again.  The University may, at its discretion, revise, delete, or supplement any policy, practice or procedure at any time, without prior notice. 

The policies that relate to the terms and conditions of employment are subject to the University’s At Will Employment policy, as applicable, and do not guarantee employment for any specific period of time.  

If any policies are unclear, please contact Human Resources with any questions. 

Policies and Procedures Database

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