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Woman of the Year 2020  

Cecilia Marzabadi

Cecilia Marzabadi, Ph.D.

The Woman of the Year Committee is pleased to announce that Dr. Cecilia Marzabadi is the recipient of the Emma G. Quartaro Woman of the Year Award for 2020.

Dr. Marzabadi is Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry in the College of Arts and Sciences. She joined the College in 1999.

Among her various achievements and leadership roles at the university, Dr. Marzabadi's nominators cited her work as a teacher, scholar, and mentor in support of women in the sciences.

Dr. Marzabadi's scholarship also reflects her efforts to encourage women in the sciences. Her books—Mom, the Chemistry Professor and Dissolving Disparity, Catalyzing Change: Are Women Achieving Equity in Chemistry?—exemplify this work. Her articles on this topic, several with Seton Hall co-authorship, include "Elucidating Gender Patterns" and "Women, Science and Myth: Gender Beliefs," also attest to this commitment.

Dr. Marzabadi is currently coordinating a new Women in STEM/STEAM group on campus to further these goals.

The Woman of the Year Award is named to honor Dr. Emma G. Quartaro (deceased), Professor of Social Work. Dr. Quartaro and the Gerontology Advisory Board were instrumental in maintaining the Woman of the Year Award for many years. The purpose of the award is to acknowledge the significant work accomplished by women on this campus.

Please join us as we honor Cecilia Marzabadi at the luncheon of the Conference on Women and Gender on March 13.

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