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University Seminar on Mission Spring 2023  

Seminar 320Every generation of Setonians needs to reflect upon the University’s history and mission and make it their own. Too seldom do we take the time to consider what is most important to us as a University community.

To address these needs, the Office of Mission and Ministry and the Center for Vocation and Servant Leadership have organized seminars on the mission of Seton Hall University. Faculty and administrators are invited to a sustained reflection on the University's mission in light of its history and Catholic character in order to better understand the vocation of the University and our individual vocations as part of the Seton Hall community.

Participants will discuss seminal texts and contemporary commentary on the mission of a Catholic university and the unique mission of Seton Hall University. To facilitate discussion each seminar will be limited to 14 participants. The seminar will meet six times during a semester. Eligible faculty will receive a $350 stipend.

Topics include:

  • The Catholic Intellectual Tradition
  • The history and character of Catholic higher education
  • Seton Hall's Catholicity statement
  • Core curriculum and the mission
  • Academic freedom and the Catholic university

Spring 2023

  • Time: Thursdays 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.
  • Dates: February 9, 16, 23; March 2, 16, 23
  • Held: via Microsoft Teams

To apply for the spring seminar send your name and department to Linda Garofalo or Francia Peterson at [email protected].

Sponsored by the Office of Mission and Ministry and the Center for Vocation and Servant Leadership.

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