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"Traditional Media, Social Media, And the Polarization of the Electorate"  

Vin Gopal

Vin Gopal, NJ State Senator 11th District.

Social media has had an impact on all aspects of our lives, but perhaps nowhere more profoundly than in the political sphere. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide easy access and enable the free flow of information, but this can also lead to a lack of genuine reflection and thoughtful responsiveness. They can also result in the formation of closed digital "bubbles," where what we believe is reinforced by like-minded others. Join us on Nov. 30, 7-8pm, for a forum that will address the following questions:

  • Steve Schnall Headshot

    Stephen Schnall, South Orange Village Trustee

    How has the shift from traditional to social media contributed to the polarization of the electorate?
  • How do social media "bubbles" contribute to this phenomenon?
  • Are there ways to counteract these trends?
  • How is belief formation affected by social media?

Alex Torpey

Alex Torpey, Former South Orange Village President.

The speakers include Vin Gopal, NJ State Senator 11th District; Alex Torpey, Former South Orange Village President; and Robert Pallitto, SHU Professor of Political Science and Public Administration. The moderator will be Stephen Schnall, South Orange Village Trustee.

Participants can join the Zoom Meeting here:

 The event will also be recorded and posted on the Digital Citizenry website:

Robert Pallito

Robert Pallitto, Professor of Political Science.

The Digital Citizenry Project, which is funded by a grant from the New Jersey Council for the Humanities, aims to foster virtual conversations across four neighboring towns—South Orange, Maplewood, Orange, and East Orange—about what it means to be an engaged citizen in the 21st century. Contact the project coordinators, Mary Balkun and Marta Deyrup, for further information: and

This event is co-sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences and the University Libraries.

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