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Highlights from the Impact Talk on Innovation in International Education  

Impact Talk Series

The Office of the Provost hosted its latest installment of the Impact Talks Speaker Series, "Innovation in International Education."

On Friday, April 21, 2023, the Office of the Provost hosted the latest installment of the Spring 2023 Impact Talks Speaker Series, which focuses on understanding the human impact of specific trends, disciplines or industries within communities and societies.

The featured topic for this event was innovation in international education and featured Andrea Prencipe, professor of organization and innovation and rector of Luiss University; and Sarah Ilchman, co-president of the Institute of International Education (IIE).

This topic was particularly timely given the reopening of borders and return of study abroad opportunities in higher education.

Professor Prencipe focused his presentation on how his university embraces internationalization and the key principles on how he worked to foster innovation and internationalization.

First, he discussed embracing internationalization as a way of embracing diversity. And, then he touched on academic interdisciplinarity as being critical in preparing students to learn how to deal with and understand the complexity of the challenges they will face today.

When discussing innovation, Prencipe asked the question, "Is the way we teach is still applicable?" Responding no, Prencipe noted that at Luiss, he changed the educational model and worked with an inquiry-based model where students are center stage and more responsible for what they learn – “less lecture – more discussion.” He urged students “to become an inquirer of the world and that the objective is to learn how to formulate questions.” Prencipe also noted as educators, “we need to give the opportunity to learn how to solve problems and more importantly how to frame problems.”

Impact Talk Series

Sarah Ilchman, Provost Katia Passerini, and Professor Andrea Prencipe at the 2023 Impact Talks Speaker Series event.

Sarah Ilchman addressed the audience next and offered a great segue into how her organization furthers the ability for internationalization in education and making it available to everyone. She also noted that diversity, equity and inclusion was central to the mission at IIE.

Like Prencipe, Ilchman echoed the same challenges of understanding the complexities of the world and making it a priority to have all engaged in international experiences.

Ilchman shared the many ways her organization stives to work toward making these opportunities real for so many in a variety of ways through scholarships, passport programs, hosting programs, enrichment and language training, partnership programs and so much more. She was energized at looking at these opportunities to inspire and engage in partnership with Seton Hall. To learn more about the exciting work of the IIE, visit their website.

Those who were unable to attend the event are invited to view the recording of the event.

For more information on the Impact Talks series, as well as previous speakers and recordings, please visit the Impact Talks website.

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