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Seton Hall University

Astronauts vs. Cosmonauts: Journey into Space  

On Thursday, February 25th in Fahy 236, at 6:30 p.m., Slavic Club is hosting a presentation, Astronauts vs. Cosmonauts: Journey into Space. This event will place Seton Hall's Dr. Jose Lopez, Professor of the Physics Department and an expert on the NASA space program, against a team of Slavic Club officers who will represent ROSCOSMOS in a face-off to see, which space program truly succeeded during the infamous Space Race. 

During the Cold War, between the USA and the USSR, the Space Race was just one of the many challenges between both nations; however, it was also a time of countless innovations. From breaking through the atmosphere to landing on the moon, guests will take part in an informative showcase of NASA and ROSCOSMOS before judging for themselves which of the missions truly succeeded. 

Q&A session will follow the presentation.

Please join us! Everyone is welcome!

Slavic food will be served!