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Seton Hall University Health and Medical Sciences
Andrea Constandis

Research and Scholarship

School of Health and Medical Sciences faculty and students are engaged in a variety of interprofessional research projects and scholarly pursuits related to the health sciences and interprofessional education. Examples of their work are highlighted here. For more information, please contact the faculty members directly.

Creating an IPE Infusion Plan (PDF)
Zipp, G.P., Maher, C., LaFountaine, M., Rizzolo, D., Dayalu, V., Goeckel, C., & Phillips, H.J. (2014). Creating an IPE infusion plan: From foundation to implementation. Journal of Allied Health, 43(2), 25E-29E.

Interprofessional Education at Seton Hall University (PDF)
Neubauer, N.P., Dayalu, V.N., Shulman, B.B., Pinto Zipp, G.
SIG 10 Perspectives on Issues in Higher Education, October 2014, Vol. 17, 56-63.

Seton Hall Submissions

School of Health and Medical Sciences faculty and students, and affiliates of the SHMS Center for Interprofessional Education in the Health Sciences, should use the forms below to submit information about their IPE-related projects for potential inclusion on this website.

IPE Teaching & Learning Experiences
IPE Publications
IPE Presentations

More information about each category is listed at the top of each form.

Please note that submissions will not automatically post to the CIEHS website; a submission will initiate the internal review and approval process.