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Seton Hall University Health and Medical Sciences

Student Organizations

Athletic Training Student Association

Mission Statement: The Athletic Training Student Association (ATSA) at Seton Hall University is a student-run organization for all students in the Master of Science in Athletic Training program. Our mission is to foster a community among ourselves, our faculty and our fellow healthcare professionals to:

  • promote the Athletic Training profession

  • develop networks

  • expose members to all aspects of Athletic Training

  • support interprofessional education and experiences

  • give back to the Seton Hall and local communities through volunteer efforts

National Student Speech Language Hearing Association - Seton Hall University Local Chapter (SHU-NSSLHA)

SHU-NSSLHA Mission Statement: Seton Hall University's local chapter of the National Students Speech Language Hearing Association (SHU-NSSLHA) is a student-run organization for graduate and undergraduate students in speech-language pathology. The mission of SHU-NSSLHA is to build community within Seton Hall University's graduate program in Speech-Language Pathology and in the 4+2 undergraduate dual-degree program; sponsor community outreach events; raise awareness for communication sciences and disorders; and raise funds for sustaining the organization and contributing to worthwhile organizations.



1. To organize and sponsor social activities for graduate students in the Speech-Language Pathology program.

2. To foster relationships between students in the graduate program and in the dual-degree program.

3. To organize and sponsor activities and events with other student organizations campus-wide that encourage clinical education, interprofessional education and knowledge of healthcare and educational systems.

4. To raise funds and awareness for related charities and organizations that benefit individuals with communication, hearing and feeding/swallowing disorders.

5. To allocate benefits for members of the SHU-NSSLHA organization where and when appropriate.

Click here for details about the chapter. Visit for more information about the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA).

Organization of Physical Therapy Students

The Organization of Physical Therapy Students (OPTS) is a club for all current students in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Seton Hall. It has academic, social and altruistic aspects in the form of monthly meetings, fundraising for various charities, as well as fun events and get-togethers. As a group, we regularly participate in events, such as races and health fairs that promote healthy living styles and support community life. We also participate in Seton Hall events and co-sponsor seminars and health fairs.

Physician Assistant Student Society of Seton Hall University (PASSSHU)

The Physician Assistant Student Society of Seton Hall University (PASSSHU) is the official student organization for PA students at Seton Hall. Among other activities, PASSSHU promotes fellowship and service to the community. PASSSHU provides an excellent opportunity for students interested in leadership to develop their skills. PASSSHU elects officers as well as representative to the state (NJSSPA) and national (SAAPA) associations.

PASSSHU Mission Statement: Our Mission as the Physician Assistant Student Society of Seton Hall University is to promote the personal and professional development of physician assistant students as they prepare to face the many challenges of the profession. The student society shall strive to develop integrity, equality, dignity, and competence among all members.

Through academic achievement, clinical excellence, and community involvement, the student society shall serve as an exemplary advocate of the physician assistant profession. The society shall promote the profession as an integral part of the medical community, focusing on patient care, education and advocacy.

Student Occupational Therapy Association

The Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA) promotes awareness of occupational therapy across the Seton Hall University campus. Members of SOTA collaborate to support the OT profession as well as health-related, non-profit organizations in the community. SOTA also strongly supports networking among current students, alumni and prospective students to create positive relationships between current and future practitioners.