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Office of International Programs
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Connect and Engage with Study Abroad

Whether you are a faculty, administrator, or staff, OIP is here for any study abroad question or curiosity you might have! We are so excited for this new era of study abroad at Seton Hall and passionate about bringing together all parts of the campus community towards a shared global mission. Explore this page to understand the connections, resources, and advice available to those employees looking to support the study abroad dreams of our students.

Connect with Study Abroad

Global Chats: Are you a Seton Hall faculty or administrator that wants to learn more about study abroad at Seton Hall or has a new study abroad idea you'd like OIP's take on? Then sign up for a Global Chat, intimate conversations over a complimentary beverage of your choice! All chats meet in-person in the Office of International Programs: Jubilee Hall, Room 232. Click here to sign up for a Morning or Aperitivo Chat. These conversations can be one-on-one or involve up to three other Seton Hall faculty or administrators that you invite.

Faculty Learning Community: To accompany the submission window for new FLPs, OIP in collaboration with the Center for Faculty Development invites faculty who are interesting in proposing new programs to join the optional Study Abroad Faculty Learning Community, which hosts virtual workshops throughout the year. Click here to learn more.

Quick Question: We invite you to email [email protected] for any question you might about study abroad at Seton Hall.

The International Center

The International Center at Jubilee Hall is the space for you on campus to engage with Seton Hall’s global mission.

Second Floor (Rooms 231-234): This space is where Global Chats are hosted alongside, daily International Student and Study Abroad advising sessions. The welcome sign in the lobby represents just some of the many languages spoken by our international students. If you’d like your program or globally themed initiative featured on the display screen on the second floor of the International Center, please email [email protected] to get that conversation started!

First Floor and Multicultural Room (Rooms 133-134): This is where other offices for OIP and ESL are housed alongside the Multicultural Room, a flexible, intimate event and workshop space which has a capacity for approximately 15 people. The Multicultural Room hosts weekly International Student Association meetings, Study Abroad Get Started Info Sessions, ESL class sessions and the International Student Support Group amongst other cultural workshops.

Multicultural Room Requests: If you have an idea for an intimate, globally themed event, workshop or meeting (max 15 people) please email [email protected] to see how the Multicultural Room could possibly meet those needs. We look forward to working with you!

Campus Presentations

OIP welcomes requests for presentations about Seton Hall’s study abroad programs to faculty, staff, classes, student organizations, or any other on-campus event. Requested events will typically be presented by one of our Student Workers or Global Ambassadors, who have been trained to talk about all aspects of study abroad at Seton Hall.

As part of the presentation, we will distribute QR codes to the audience with detailed information on available programs and resources. Presentations can be modified to speak to a specific audience based on destination, academics, or programs of interests.

Please submit the Study Abroad Campus Presentation Form and our office will contact you with further information. We attempt to accommodate as many presentation requests as possible; however, availability may be limited. Please complete and submit the above form a minimum of two weeks prior to the desired presentation date. Please email [email protected] for any questions you might have.

Study Abroad Advisement

Get Started Info Session: Students are encouraged to attend a weekly, in-person Get Started Info Session in the Multicultural Room within the Global Commons (Jubilee Hall, Room 134) to learn about their study abroad opportunities and ask any questions they might have.

Academic Advisement: Once a student has attended a Get Started Info Session and is ready to consider a specific study abroad program, they should consult with their academic advisor to see how studying abroad can work with their degree requirements. Although OIP guides students on the process and pre-departure requirements of studying abroad, OIP cannot offer any academic advisement for students studying abroad. That is the duty of the student’s academic advisor and department.

Already Started Advising Session: If a student already understands the background of study abroad opportunities at Seton Hall, has met with their academic advisor but still has questions about the process of studying abroad, they are encouraged to sign up for an Already Started Advising Session with OIP which are quick 15-minute one-on-one sessions with a member of the study abroad team.

If an advisor has any questions on study abroad at Seton Hall, email [email protected] or sign-up for a Global Chat with OIP.

Credit Transfer Process

All Seton Hall students studying abroad on a non-Seton Hall programs (Exchange or Third-Party) are required to submit a Credit Transfer Form before being approved for their program. Click here for detailed instructions on that process.

Overview: Students are required to meet with and obtain signatures from the dean of their department, the chair of their program, their academic advisor, and the chair of the department for any course they are taking abroad for Seton Hall credit outside of their major. Once completed and signed by all required parties, this form serves as a guarantee that whatever courses the student takes abroad will count towards their graduation requirements at Seton Hall.

Important: Although OIP guides students on the process and pre-departure requirements of studying abroad, OIP cannot offer any academic advisement for students studying abroad. That is the duty of the student’s academic advisor and department which has the proper expertise in the degree-requirement needs of their students. OIP strongly recommends that students to come prepared to any study abroad meeting with their academic advisor with having at least double to number of classes needed for their Exchange or Third-Party program abroad ready for their advisor to review. In this way, the academic advisor can see which of those courses can match equivalent Seton Hall courses.

Click here to learn more about the Credit Transfer, Billing, and Payment Process. If you are a faculty or administrator and have any questions on the Credit Transfer Process, email [email protected] or sign-up for a Global Chat with OIP.

International Partnerships

Current Partnerships: Seton Hall University has international partner programs with universities around the world. Click here to see the full directory of those connections organized by academic unit.

MOUs: This what is referred to as the first stage of any international partnership, also known as a “Memorandum of Understanding” whereby two institutions agree to take the first steps in collaborating on ideas such as pilot study abroad programs, virtual symposiums, research initiatives and joint faculty partnerships.

Exchange Agreements: This is a more formal agreement with a partner university and is generally the next step after an MOU by which Seton Hall agrees to the exchange of students, typically for longer durations (a semester or academic year). Click here to see some of Seton Hall’s active Exchange programs that our students can take advantage of depending on degree program.

New Partnership Ideas: We encourage faculty to work with their departments, school and/or college to see what connections can be developed for the benefit of our university community. Click here to get advice on a new partnership idea through our Global Chats.