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Office of International Programs
Bruges, Belgium

Expenses and Financial Aid  

All students studying abroad for a semester, full academic year, or summer are still required to pay the following university fees:

University fee: $575
Technology fee: $460
Mobile Computing (if taking University laptop*): $315
*Students who have paid the Mobile Computing fee for 4 semesters are not required to continue paying the fee. If a student does not wish to bring their University laptop abroad, and is still paying the Mobile Computing fee, they must surrender their laptop to the Mobile Computing Office. 

University fee: $75
Housing fees for all exchange and 3rd-party programs will be directed by the host program or university

Faculty Led Programs

Seton Hall offers two primary types of faculty led offerings: Spring Embedded Programs and Summer Abroad Programs. Each of these types of programs allows students to travel abroad with a Seton Hall faculty member and a group of fellow Seton Hall students for a period ranging from one to four weeks.

During Spring Embedded Programs, students travel either during spring break or in May immediately following finals in conjunction with a course taken throughout the spring semester. While these courses require an additional travel fee to cover flights, lodging, and additional programming, they do not require students to pay additional tuition as long as 18 credits or less are taken during the Spring semester. Students can use their current Seton Hall scholarships and other aid as long as the Spring Embedded course counts within the flat tuition rate (12-18 credits).

Summer Abroad Programs are offered over the course of one of the university’s summer sessions and are taught largely on-location abroad. These courses may be taught in conjunction with a local university abroad or provide students the opportunity to stay with a host family. These summer programs require an additional tuition payment on top of a program fee because they are offered during a summer session, however students choosing to do a summer program receive a tuition discount of 25%. Students studying abroad for a month receive a discount of 50%. Generally Seton Hall scholarships and aid do not cover Summer Abroad Programs. Students may not use the Seton Hall Summer Scholarship towards a Summer Abroad Program, as the Seton Hall tuition is already discounted 25% or 50%.

Exchange Programs

Students participating in semester or year-long exchange programs with universities that have reciprocity agreements with Seton Hall will continue to pay their tuition through Seton Hall. Their tuition rate and scholarships will remain the same as a standard semester and will be paid through the student’s PirateNet account. Up-to-date tuition and fee information can be found here.

To receive a bill for the semester during which one is studying abroad, they must submit a fully completed Credit Transfer Sheet to be registered for the Study Abroad Placement course. This will permit them to maintain full-time status and pay their tuition bill.

Third-Party Programs

All students studying with a third-party program are still subject to University and Technology fees. All other program, tuition, and housing fees are to be paid through one’s third-party provider.

Financial Aid Abroad

If a student decides to participate in a university exchange program, any federal and Seton Hall financial aid they receive will continue to apply for the semester in which they are abroad. Students are encouraged to meet with the Office of Financial Aid before applying for programs to ensure that their financial aid is secure and will apply. 

Students looking to attend a Third Party Program should talk to the director of their program about any financial aid or scholarships that may be available through their program. Students are also encouraged to apply for scholarships – see Scholarships Abroad for more information.

Pre-Departure Expenses

It’s important to remember that on top of the program fee, there will likely be additional pre-departure expenses that you will have to cover. These costs may have to be paid before your scholarships or financial aid come in, so they are especially important to remember when budgeting.

Passports: If you do not have a passport that will be valid for at least six months after the end of your program date, apply for one as soon as possible. Estimated cost: $130. Please visit here for more pricing information.

Application Fees and Program Deposits: Please keep in mind that while Seton Hall does not charge an application fee for any study abroad program, Third Party Providers may have an application fee that may be non-refundable if you decide to cancel your application.  Meanwhile, many Seton Hall and Third-Party Providers require a non-refundable confirmation deposit before you can be confirmed. At Seton Hall, this program fee may be credited towards your overall program fee. Estimated cost: $500 (Seton Hall Faculty Led Program), variable (3rd-party program).

Visa and Consular Fees: Some countries require students to apply for a visa before studying abroad. These often require an in-person visit to a consulate in a major U.S. city and a fee to process the visa. Contact your Third Party Provider or host institution for more information on whether or not a visa is required for your program. You may refer to Passports and Visas for more information. Estimated cost: Variable