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Seton Hall University

Certificate Tutorial

All investigators are required to attach a certificate, no older than two calendar years,  indicating completion of the tutorial on the protection of human research subjects when a protocol is submitted to the IRB for review. 

Any faculty, staff member or student of Seton Hall University who is a member of the study team and is engaged in the conduct of human subject research must complete the web-based Collaborative IRB Training Initiative (CITI) Program in the Protection of Human Subjects in Research available here. The certificate is valid for two years.  

If you have never taken a CITI course, you will have to complete one of the following trainings based on the type of research you perform:

  1. Biomedical
  2. Social-Behavioral 

For a step-by-step tutorial on how to complete an initial account registration, click here »

If you have previously taken the CITI course and your training is about to expire, you can complete the refresher course.

  1. CITI will automatically add the "Refresher" course to your list of courses 90 days before your CITI Training expires.
  2. System generated emails to inform you on the approaching expiration will be sent to the email used during registration.
  3. You may only take the refresher course 3 times.  After that, you are required to complete the Basic course again.  

For a step-by-step tutorial on how to initiate a refresher course through the CITI portal, click here »

If you have previously registered and taken a CITI training course at another institution

  1. You can login to the CITI program portal with your existing credentials or register to create a new account
  2. In the top right corner, select the down arrow next to your username and ID and click on profiles.
  3. Scroll to the “Institutional Profiles” and select “Add an Affiliation”
  4. Enter Seton Hall University as the organization
  5. Check the boxes to agree to the terms of service and affirmation of affiliation, and continue
  6. Update any changes to your information
  7. Select the appropriate course (Basic or Refresher) for your research area
  8. Answer remaining questions and submit

After you have completed all of the modules and passed the quizzes with a score of 70% or better, you will be able to download and print a Course Completion Report.  You will be required to submit a copy of your course completion certificate with each application to the IRB.