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National Survey of Student Engagement

An annual national survey, the NSSE gathers self-reported data concerning opportunity for "student engagement" afforded and encouraged by the participating campus. These data serve as characterizations of time and effort students put into their studies and other campus activities, and the level of opportunity provided to them for engaged and active learning by resources deployed both inside and outside of the classroom.  In each year the University participates in NSSE, the Office of IR incorporates the University's latest results into a balanced (for NSSE themes) dashboard display, such that engagement items measured by NSSE are meaningfully framed and monitored, and available for ready and quick reference by all areas interested. 

Themed NSSE dashboards were developed at Seton Hall and have served well their purpose of encouraging review of Seton Hall results using both internal reference (comparing NSSE results for SHU across years of participation) and external reference (comparing latest year SHU results to the results of participating peer institutions) to interpret Seton Hall's engagement results relative to standards that are meaningful. 

In addition to providing summary in the form of NSSE dashboards, the Office of IR reviews each new set of NSSE results and provides to the academic community a full report with highlights and observations made using both comparison approaches (internal, based on review of multiple years of Seton Hall NSSE results; and external, based on review of latest Seton Hall results relative to those of peer institutions). 

NSSE results (NSSE dashboard summaries) can also be found in the University's annual Fact Book, the Office of Institutional Research's compilation of institutional data prepared by IR (and other areas, as well) anchored to a single academic year. 

For those interested in the impact of student major on engagement levels measured by this project, NSSE has recently begun to report results of the national study aggregated by major discipline category.  The 2012 study report from NSSE presents engagement levels by category of major for a number of individual items from the survey. In addition, NSSE benchmarks have been derived by category of major. To review these, please follow the links below. 

Links to Seton Hall NSSE results 
Link to National NSSE results*sponsored by The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Details of the study and report can be found on the NSSE Web site.