Seton Hall University
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Office of Institutional Research

Our Mission

To develop, apply, and improve institutional planning, research, and assessment at Seton Hall in order to help achieve our vision "Seton Hall will be recognized among top-tier Catholic universities."

Our Goals

  • The Office of Institutional Research is responsible for the University's strategic plan and the operational planning necessary to improve as a top tier Catholic University.
  • The Office manages University data that informs planning and budgeting. Some of the data are compiled in our Facts at a Glance and our annual Fact Book. 
  • The Office is an advisory body to Seton Hall University's executive decision makers and works cross divisions to provide needed information on a timely basis. We do benchmark and other studies that allow for fact based decision making. 
  • For the University to accomplish its mission, we must plan together towards that end. Failure to plan together is a plan to fail together. Thus we must all work together in an integrated planning, budgeting, and assessment cycle.