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College of Human Development, Culture, and Media

Personal Statement Tips and Pointers

The College of Human Development, Culture, and Media wants students to excel at every level, including navigating through the application process. Below applicants can find tips and pointers on how to write an exceptional personal statement! 

Things to consider before writing your personal statement:

  1. Try to recall the very first time you were intrigued by this field.
  2. List some key factors that have contributed to this interest over time.
  3. Think about your personal aspirations and how they inspired your career interest.
  4. Self-reflect on what makes YOU special.
    • List strengths and weaknesses
    • Also discuss hobbies, how they are related to your interest in the program
  5. Identify how you arrive at your professional goals and why this program is ideal for you and what you can bring to the program.
  6. List how you have prepared yourself for success in graduate school.
  7. Analyze how you might contribute to the academic community you intend to join. 
  8. What do you plan on doing with the degree after, i.e.–teaching, research, work in the industry, government or all the above?

Writing your personal statement:

  1. Seek to illustrate the reader, share experiences that show your passions for this field.
  2. Be authentic! 
  3. Stay relevant, provide practical, academic and career focused details.
  4. Try to avoid clichés.
  6. Have a good proofreader read over personal statements.
    • Look for flow, word choice, grammar and punctuation
  7. Make it PERSONAL! Remember your personal statement is your time to show your skillset, knowledge and personality. When students are confident in their positive qualities, it is reflective in their statements.

The Three C's

  1. Be Clear!
  2. Be Concise!
  3. Be Compelling!