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College of Human Development, Culture, and Media

Graduate Students Present Research at the 63rd Annual Meeting of the New England Psychological Association


Ariana Esposito, Kelly Ewen, and Zachary Peller.

The College of Human Development, Culture, and Media is proud to share the success of student poster presentations at the 63rd Annual Meeting of the New England Psychological Association. The conference took place at Worcester State University in Massachusetts. The New England Psychological Association (NEPA) holds the meeting annually and focuses on topics relating to higher education, clinical psychology, healthcare services, mental health awareness, employment and career, and an address about "Mental Health," "Fear of Missing Out," "Smartphone Use," and "Cognitive Coping Students" from NEPA President Adam Volungis, Ph.D.

Graduate students from the Professional Psychology and Family Therapy program worked with advisor and program director, Sandra S. Lee, Ph.D. to present research focusing on their topics of interest. Their research included "Multiculturalism in Sport Psychology: Advancing the Field and Empowering Athletes" by Kathryn Diana, "Marketing and Advertising a Mental Health Practice:  How Do We Do It Ethically?" by Ariana Esposito, "Media Depiction of Mental Health and Psychotherapists: Are the Stereotypes Harmful?" by Kelly Ewen, "Ethical Considerations with EMDR Interventions: Navigating Complexities and Upholding Professional Standards" by Zachary Peller, and "Task-Oriented Self-Care (TOSC): A New Approach for Preventing Burnout and Enhancing Well-being for Mental Health Professionals" by Nico Quintos.

Starting in the Spring 2023 semester, students began preparing with Lee and then worked through the summer on their research while applying to the conference. The meeting is a scholarly peer reviewed conference. For most students, this was their first peer review presentation. Lee said, "This is something that will be on their curriculum vitae forever, carrying the University’s name and memory when they apply for jobs or additional graduate training. I am so proud of them!"

Ariana Esposito, a student in the Professional Counseling program, presented her research, "Marketing and Advertising a Mental Health Practice: How Do We Do It Ethically?" which focuses on the increasing use of digital marketing and artificial intelligence and the ethical considerations for mental health professionals in marketing their practices. Her research looked at the importance of ethical transparency and the need for appropriate communication on all media platforms while respecting cultural and developmental differences.

Esposito shared, "It was a privilege to present my research at the conference alongside my mentor Lee." When reflecting on the weekend as whole, Esposito gave thanks for an opportunity to contribute to such an important conversation in the field of psychology. "The conference was a great learning experience. It was awesome to network and see other important research in the field, all while supporting my fellow colleagues."

The Psychological Program is a graduate program within the College of Human Development, Culture, and Media. The program prepares students to promote optimal human development and empower clients to solve personal, interpersonal, career and other mental health problems. Students have opportunities to work directly with faculty, helping catalyze research that is focused on solving some of society’s most important and persistent challenges. For more information regarding the program, contact Director, Sandra S. Lee, Ph.D.

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