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Seton Hall University

Temporary Alternative Attendance Request

Students that meet any of the following conditions may complete our Temporary Alternative Attendance Request for all active courses. If a suitable attendance alternative is not available, students may need to apply for an incomplete. If a faculty member does not respond to the Temporary Alternative Attendance Request, students are urged to not attend class.

  • Traveled to a CDC designated Level 3 country (avoid nonessential travel)
  • Have COVID-19 symptoms
  • May have been exposed to someone that tested positive for COVID-19
  • Have an underlying health concern

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Law School and School of Medicine Students

  • Law students and faculty should contact Elizabeth Anastasio to arrange for class recordings and/or remote attendance where appropriate and should review the Law School's policy on instructional continuity.
  • The School of Medicine requests that students use the usual sick/absence procedures if they are out due to COVID-19 related conditions
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