Seton Hall University

Student Emergency Fund Request Form

Through the generosity of members of the Seton Hall community, alumni, donors and friends, the University has established this Emergency Fund to assist students who have been impacted by the September 1, 2021 storm.  We are grateful to members of the Pirate family who have made this Fund possible.

To ensure the University can assist as many deserving students as possible:

  • We will only consider one request per eligible student.
  • Only full-time, current students are eligible. 
  • It is expected that students have exhausted their immediate support network (friends, family).
  • Grants are limited in size and will normally not exceed $500.  

The Student Emergency Fund is intended for short-term emergency relief for basic needs.  Priority is given for the following needs:

  • Food 
  • Medical
  • Utilities

The Student Emergency Fund will not support: 

  • Tuition and loans, lab fees, university room and board, or other academic expenses or refunds.
  • Assistance for anyone other than the student.  

NOTE: Students seeking relief for rent or mortgage payments should see NJ Executive Order No. 249 for information about evictions and renter assistance.

Students are also encouraged to consult A College Guide for Students for additional resources.

Please be aware that payments from the Student Emergency Fund may represent taxable income to the recipient.  All recipients are encouraged to consult their tax advisor with questions.

Depending upon the volume of requests received, you will receive a response from the Student Emergency Fund Committee within 14 days at most following the submission of your request form.