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Seton Hall University

Message from Dr. Joseph E. Nyre, March 26

Seton Hall Community,

I reach out to you today, during these uncertain times, in three capacities: I reach out to you today as a psychologist, as our University's president, and as a parent.

Uncertain times and times of great change elevate our feelings of anxiety and fear, loneliness and sadness – and restlessness. This is the time for us to turn to our family and our friends, and our sources of support. This is the time for us to establish even healthier routines. To pray, to eat, and to exercise; and to lean forward, most importantly, lean forward, turn to the future.

As president of Seton Hall, I was on campus earlier today and I must say, campus is not the same without you. It's also said though, when the going gets tough some people turn up their noses while others roll up their sleeves, and Seton Hall has rolled up their sleeves, and is working together.

College is a team sport and we're here to help all of our students and our families succeed. We are committed to jointly navigating these temporary remote learning and living environments. We are forward-leaning, helping students progress towards their degrees and towards their futures.

Students, attend your remote classes, have patience and thank you for your patience. Seek help, it's a sign of strength, not a sign of weakness. Connect with your advisors, register for your classes and keep leaning forward, keep making progress.

As a parent, we know this is a difficult time. We need our children to stay in touch with us, to keep the lines of communication open with us. Our values and our will are being tested, but at the end of the day, we believe in this younger generation, we know they have wisdom and virtue. Wisdom is knowing what to do, virtue is having a will to do it, and our younger generation has both and they will help curb the spread of this virus.

These are not the best of times, and I pray that these are not the worst of times. These are our times, and what we do in the coming weeks and months will define us. Together we're stronger. Let's curb this virus.

Hazard Zet Forward, and God bless you all.


Joseph E. Nyre, Ph.D.

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