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College of Arts and Sciences

Peer-Assisted Language Support (PALS)

The Global Learning Center’s Student-Led Language Conversation Partners Program

Image of multi-cultural hands joining together.

PALS is a Global Learning Center program that connects both students of world languages taught at Seton Hall and ESL students with native/advanced speakers of other languages or English for an exchange of conversation and culture.

Join PALS and become a Pal or a Buddy

PAL—Pals fit one or both of these two categories:
(a) Native/advanced speaker who volunteers to provide conversation practice and cultural insights to a peer studying their language
(b) Native English speaker who can provide ESL learners with support in speaking and listening in English

Note:  Pals are eligible to receive a certificate of volunteer hours. Contact the GLC for more information.

Buddy—Buddies fit one or both of these two categories:
(a) Students of a world language who want authentic conversation practice with native/advanced speakers of that language
(b) ESL students who would like reinforcement of spoken English with a native English speaker

Intercambios: Native English-speaking students can participate in an intercambios (language exchange) with ESL students who speak the same language they are studying. In an intercambios, the ESL student and the English speaker act as both Pals and Buddies, exchanging the world language for English and vice versa.

To sign up as either a Pal or a Buddy, fill out this form. You will be contacted with more information.

As sign-ups are voluntary, we cannot guarantee that everyone will be matched with a Pal or Buddy. If you are relying on this activity for class credit or required volunteer hours, please realize that you might have to consider another option. Contact the GLC with any questions.

Benefits of Peer Conversation Partners 

For Pals 

  • Celebrate/share your culture and language
  • Learn leadership, interpersonal, and organizational skills
  • Expand your own knowledge and understanding of your language
  • Develop teaching/tutoring skills
  • Gain satisfaction helping others
  • Use the experience on a resume/job application or cover letter
  • Receive a certificate for volunteer hours

For Buddies 

  • Develop your speaking/listening skills
  • Improve understanding of the language you are studying
  • Venture out of your comfort zone
  • Receive learner-centered assistance
  • Integrate class content with your own learning skills and techniques at your own pace
  • Improve both academic and personal confidence
  • Develop self-reflective learning practices

For Both

  • Personal growth
  • Informal environment
  • Arrange on your own time
  • Virtual or in-person
  • Make a new friend
  • Non-judgmental, stress-free, friendly interactions between peers
  • Improved academic confidence
  • Flexibility: Pals or Buddies can request a new conversation partner for any reason
Please Note: This is Not Tutoring.

Students in need of Academic Language Support should consult with LLC Tutors.